Friday, May 27, 2011

Family Recipe Friday: Rhubarb Crumble / Rhubarb Strawberry Freezer-Jam

Gloria LeMaster's rhubarb plants
[Mom shared some more recipes for today's post.]

Spring's Treasure--Rhubarb, the "pie plant".

I always know when Spring has arrived as my patch of rhubarb starts to peak through the soil.   The crop that I have had for over 37 years died last year so I planted a new crop.   I don't think it's the same variety that I had but it seems to be the most popular one in this area---Victoria.   Rhubarb is actually a vegetable that is related to celery but everyone considers it a fruit.   Its tart flavor is usually paired with strawberries but I like to pair it with pineapple when making a pie.   Rhubarb is a natural medicine, low in calories, yet high in calcium and potassium, plus plenty of vitamins , minerals, fiber, etc.   When it is planted, it can not picked until the second year and then is recommended to do so sparingly.  After that it can be harvested as much as you can use.  In the fall, put a side dressing of manure around the rhubarb.  Rhubarb is to be pulled rather than cut.   Remove the leaves and coarse ends.  Store in plastic bags in the refrigerator until ready to use in your favorite recipe or store it in the freezer--just wash and cut it into desired pieces.


Makes 6 servings

This recipe came from Karen Sayre, a neighbor.   She gave it to me because we had red rhubarb.   We got the starts from a former neighbor John Horn, who lived across the street from us when we lived at 214 W. Monroe Street.

    1 cup flour                                                    
    3/4 cup uncooked oatmeal                                       
    1 cup brown sugar                                              
    1/2 cup margarine                                              
    1 teaspoon cinnamon                                            
    4 cups rhubarb, cut in small pieces                            
    1 cup sugar                                                    
    2 tablespoons cornstarch                                       
    1 cup water                                                    
    1 teaspoon vanilla extract                                     
    2-3 drops red food coloring                                    
    Cool whip                                               
Mix the flour, oatmeal, brown sugar, margarine, and cinnamon until crumbly.   Press half of the mixture into a buttered 9-inch square pan.   Place rhubarb over crumbs.   Cook until sugar, cornstarch, water, and vanilla until thick.  Add 2-3 drops of red food coloring.   Pour over rhubarb and sprinkle with remaining crumb mixture.   Bake at 350 for 1 hour.   (put a cookie sheet under pan in case it bubbles over while baking).   Cool slightly and top with Cool Whip or ice cream.


So easy that even the kids can help make this.

    4-5 cups rhubarb, cut into 1/2 inch pieces                     
    3 cups sugar                                                   
    1 3-ounce box strawberry jello                       
Place cut rhubarb in a bowl and sprinkle with saucepan.   Let stand at least 20 minutes or until sugar is dissolved.  Boil mixture about 20 minutes.   Remove from heat and add jello.   (You can add a few drops of red food coloring for more color).   Pour into 4 sterilized half-pint jars.   Keep refrigerated or place in freezer until ready to use.

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