Friday, July 01, 2011

Family Recipe Friday: Aunt Clara Ellen's Rhubarb Poke Cake

Aunt Clara Ellen (Wright) High

Another contribution from mom's kitchen:

I grow 'red' rhubarb that I originally got a start from a neighbor, John Horn, when we lived on Monroe Street.  I was always looking for different recipes that called for rhubarb.  Keep it  in the refrigerator.  It gets more moist the longer it sits.  I got this recipe from my Aunt Clara Ellen.  I was told she always liked to cook up a dessert, especially homemade ice cream when the family got together.  Makes 12 servings

    1 cup rhubarb                                                  
    1/2 cup shortening                                             
    1 1/2 cups sugar                                               
    2 eggs                                                         
    2 cups flour                                                   
    1 teaspoon baking soda                                         
    1/4 teaspoon salt                                              
    1 cup buttermilk    

    Decorating icing     

    1/2 cup brown sugar                                            
    3 tablespoons flour                                            
    1/2 cup sugar                                                  
    1 1/2 cups water                                               
    1 teaspoon vanilla extract                                     
    1-2 tablespoons butter                                         
    1/2 package strawberry jello                                   
    1 8.8-ounce carton cool whip        

Cut rhubarb into small pieces and let stand in 1/2 cup sugar for 30-60 minutes.  Beat shortening, remaining sugar, and eggs until creamy and fluffy.   Add flour, soda, salt.   Mix well.  Mix in buttermilk.  Add rhubarb mixture and pour into a 9x13 inch pan.   Bake 30-45 minutes at 350 degrees.   Cool.   Punch  holes in top of cake.

In a saucepan combine icing ingredients of brown and white sugar, flour, water.  Cook until thick and clear.   Add vanilla, butter and jello.   Pour icing over top of cake.   Cool.

Optional:   Spread a layer of Cool Whip  on top of cake to hide holes.   

Family Recipe Friday – is an opportunity to share your family recipes with fellow bloggers and foodies alike. Whether it’s an old-fashioned recipe passed down through generations, a recipe uncovered through your family history research, or a discovered recipe that embraces your ancestral heritage share them on Family Recipe Friday. This series was suggested by Lynn Palermo of The Armchair Genealogist.

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