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Pierpont Family in Indianapolis, Continued

Polk's 1912 Directory, City of Indianapolis, Indiana
Continuing my research into the PIERPONT family in Indianapolis, the 1912 Polk's Directory at listed the following PIERPONTS: [h = house; b = boarder]

Pierpont Clarence M, lab, h 1011 S Harding
Pierpont David F, lineman b 117 Greely
Pierpont Ezra M, lab, b 1141 McLain
Pierpont Francis H, clk, b 1141 McLain
Pierpont Gilbert J, woodwrkr, h 1234 Lee
Pierpont John E, lab, h 1847 Jones
Pierpont John T, mach hd, h 1141 McLain

Here we have Harry's father, Gilbert J (alternatively Joseph Gilbert), listed as a woodworker living at 1234 Lee, the same residence as he had in the 1911 directory.  

Harry's grandfather, John T., was a machine hand, with his house at 1141 McLain, the same residence from the 1910 census and 1911 city directory.  The Ezra and Francis listed as boarders in his residence were his sons.

The Clarence M. PIERPONT, listed as a laborer, was still living at Harding Street from the 1911 directory.  John E. PIERPONT, laborer, had apparently moved from 615 Warren avenue in 1911 to 1847 Jones in 1912.  New to the directory listing is David F. PIERPONT, the lineman boarding on Greely.  The relationships of these men to the Harry PIERPONT family has not yet been established.

Polk's 1916 Directory, City of Indianapolis, Indiana

Jumping ahead a few years to the 1916 Indianapolis Directory, there are some questions raised.  For example, Harry's father, Gilbert does not appear, yet Harry's sister, Fern M., is listed as a boarder.  The following PIERPONT listings are found:

 Pierpont Clarence M, mach hd, h 1819 Southeastern av.
Pierpont Edw L., lab, h 1409 Jones
Pierpont Ezra M, woodwrkr, b 1742 W Morris.
Pierpont Fern M, sten 406 Ind Pythian bldg, b 1107 Blaine av.
Pierpont Frank H, lab, b 1742 W Morris.
Pierpont Jno T, woodwrkr, h 1742 W Morris. 
Pierpont Roy, renovater, b 2810 Schofield av 
The unidentified Clarence PIERPONT continues to appear, though his residence has changed from the 1912 listing.  The Roy PIERPONT, listed as a renovater and boarder on Schofield avenue, is an unknown at this point.

The Edw L. PIERPONT, laborer, living on 1409 Jones, I believe to be the son of John T. and Hester PIERPONT, and the younger brother of Joseph Gilbert PIERPONT.  If so, this Edward would have been born March 1885 in Indiana, as listed in the 1900 census.

John T. PIERPONT, now listed as a woodworker, had moved from the 1912 directory to a new residence at 1742 W. Morris.  Also boarding again with him was his son, Ezra M. and Frank H.

Harry's sister, Fern M. PIERPONT, is listed in this 1916 directory as a stenographer, boarding at 1107 Blaine Avenue.

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Pam said...

The listed Roy pierpont is my great grandfather, also known as Leroy E. Pierpont. His wife was Nora Marlney. My grandmother(his daughter), was Ellen Hester Pierpont King Morris. She married my grandfather Frances Irvin King. My grandmother was born in Carmel Indiana July 24, 1907. Roy had quite a few children, My Uncle Edward Leroy Pierpont, Birth March 28, 1922, being the last of them to pass on August 7, 2003. So happy to help you on your journey, I am willing to assist any way That I can. And yes, i am a Harry Pierpont relative. We were not allowed to talk about him when the elders were alive, now we are all curious! thanks, ppsker

Travis LeMaster said...

Pam - So glad to hear from you. Appreciate any information you can provide. Contact me at