Monday, August 08, 2011

Funeral Record: Amanda King

This funeral of Amanda KING was found at the Alexandria-Monroe Historical Society museum. Amanda was my maternal 2nd-great grandaunt, the wife of Suman Douglas KING.  Her maiden name was Amanda Louise FOX.

According to the record, Amanda was born September 24, 1860, the daughter of Philip and Mary (RECTOR) FOX.  She died June 22, 1944 at 12:10 a.m. in Orestes, Madison County, Indiana.  The cause of death listed was a cerebral hemorrhage.

Her husband, Douglas, aged 83, was the responsible party for the bill, which totaled $ 321.00.  The ledger is interesting, as it lists installment payments made on the bill, and lists who made the payment - by her children. The final payment of $ 24.00 was made January 14, 1950 by Fred KING when the bill was marked "Paid in Full".  That was the time of her husband's death, so the children must have been made aware of a balance and settled up at that time.

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