Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Joseph Wright Family Plot Map

Joseph Wright family plot, I.O.O.F. Cemetery, Alexandria, Indiana

Obtained this cemetery plot map of the Joseph Wright family plot at the I.O.O.F. cemetery in Alexandria, Madison County, Indiana from the Monroe Township Trustee's office.

Burials listed there include the following:

Grave 1. Rebecca Wright  March 21, 1890  [Joseph's 1st wife]
Grave 2. Mildred Wright September 13, 1903 [Joseph's granddaughter]
Grave 3. Joseph Wright September 16, 1919
Grave 4. Dortha P. Wright March 4, 1926 [Joseph's 2nd wife]
Grave 5. ______  Wright  (no date listed)
Grave 6. Martha Wright April 1, 1948 [Joseph's daughter-in-law]
Grave 7. Edward Wright July 6, 1960 [Joseph's son]
Grave 8. Zelma R. Wright June 11, 1988 [Joseph's granddaughter]

This information begs a couple of questions:  is the date listed the date of death or the date of burial?  I believe that it is the date of death.  At least it is for Joseph, whose two wives, Rebecca and Dortha, are buried in the same plot with him.  The death dates for his wives correspond with my database.  However, the dates for Edward and Martha do not jive with what dates I show, though my sources were family group sheets that could have been in error.  Will need to check for obituaries and death certificates.

Who is buried in Grave number 5?  Is it even used?  I need to get back out to the cemetery and see which headstones are located on this plot.  I remember taking pictures years ago of each of the names listed.  Not sure who could be in grave number 5, though they likely died between 1926 and 1948.

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