Thursday, August 04, 2011

LeMaster Family, Madison Township, Jay County, Indiana (1907)

Source: Complete Directory of Jay County, M. & M. Directory Co., Portland, Ind., 1907, p. 235

This listing of the LEMASTER family in Madison Township, Jay County, Indiana appears at first glance to be for my paternal great-grandfather, Luman Cooper LeMASTER, but actually is for my 2nd-great grandfather, Luman Walker LeMASTERS, who married Mary Keziah CHEW.  Somehow the listing combined the family of Luman Walker with the initials of his son, Luman Cooper.

Luman Walker LeMASTERS and Mary's four youngest children: Edith (b. 1879), Maude (b. 1884) , Arthur (b. 1885) and Vernon (b.1888) are listed living in the household.  This is why I know the directory made a mistake.

Luman Cooper's family is not listed elsewhere in the directory, though they should have been in Madison Township during this time period.

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