Saturday, September 03, 2011

1893-94 Directory Finds : Madison County, Indiana

Spent the early part of today researching Knight & Co.'s Elwood, Alexandria, In and Madison County Biennial Directory, 1893-1894 as found online at Internet Archive.  I was able to add some occupational and residency data to my Rootsmagic database.

Found information regarding the following families: Cochran, King, Lyst, Shaw, Sigler and Snively and added their residency and occupational information to my database.

In the town of Elwood, I found Dr. Daniel SIGLER listed as the President of the local board of education.  His residence was at 305 South Anderson Street.  He was also listed as the President of the Elwood Natural Gas and Oil Company, which had offices at 513 South Anderson.  Daniel was the husband of my maternal 3rd-great grandaunt, Minerva PIERCE.   His son Bert V, was also listed in the directory, though I have his death occurring December 20, 1892 in Elwood.

Also in Elwood, I found John LYST, listed as a brick contractor, residence and business both at 2021 Main Street.  John was the husband of my maternal 3rd-great grandaunt, Sarah Wilson LAMBERTSON.  

Also in Elwood, I found Henry H. SNIVELY, seller of drugs, watches, clocks, jewelry and musical instruments, business at 112 South Anderson, residence at  1415 South E. Street.  Henry was a maternal 1st cousin 4 times removed, the son of Samuel and Mary S. (LAMBERTSON) SNIVELY.

The town of Frankton held several relatives of the King family, including a curious listing for Elizabeth KING, widow.  I believe this refers to my maternal 3rd-great grandmother, Elizabeth (SHAW) KING, widow of Daniel.  However, by the time of this directory she had been married for several years to William COCHRAN, also listed in the directory as a carpenter living in Frankton.  Perhaps there is another Elizabeth, or they were still references to her as the "widow" King long after her remarriage.

Also in Frankton, I found David KING, listed as a drayman; Benjamin KING, listed as a carpenter; and Frank M. KING, also listed as a carpenter.  These were ones I could identify as relatives.

I'm enjoying exploring the works digitized in the Internet Archive and hope to find more mentions of my relatives.

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