Sunday, October 30, 2011

Cousin Bait - It Works!

If I ever doubted whether or not anyone ever read these posts, I just have been blown away in the past few months by the number of people who have found my blog and written me to share information.  From distant cousins to fellow researchers, my inbox has been crammed.  I'm slowly trying to dig out from the deluge and post updates to the blog.

Most recently was correspondence from a distant cousin researching the SNIVELY family, which shares common descent from my LAMBERTSON line.  The extent of my database had this person's great-grandmother, without dates of death and only a name for the spouse - nothing else.  Now, thanks to the blog, I've received email with more names, dates and clues and a connection to a branch of the family that had been lost.

Each and every blog post has the potential to reach an audience who may be "googling" the surnames you are working on.  You never know who you will catch.

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