Saturday, October 22, 2011

Searching for Brazil Sand & Gravel Company Name

I wrote off to the Brazil Indiana Public Library, hoping that they might have city directories going back to the 1920s that would list the name of the sand and gravel company that Harry PIERPONT's father ran.

Harry worked there for awhile after his release from prison before embarking on a series of robberies throughout Indiana in 1924-25.  It appears that his bank robbing partner, William Behrens, may have also worked at this same company.

The response I received back from them was:

One of the ladies did some research and BPL does not have directories going back to the 1920s.  She suggested that maybe the Clay Co Geneology in Centerpoint may have some of those that old.

So, looks like my next contact is the Clay County Genealogy Society.

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