Wednesday, June 13, 2012

On This Day : June 13

1698 - Hannah MAXSON born in Westerly, Rhode Island.  Hannah was the daughter of John MAXSON and Judith CLARKE.

1733 - Ebenezer FESSENDEN married Elizabeth BARRETT.  Ebenezer was the son of Nicholas FESSENDEN and Margaret CHENEY.

1739 - Esther MAXSON born.  Esther was the daughter of John MAXSON and Tacy ROGERS.

1778 - Benjamin KENDRICK married Frances CORBIN in Fauquier County, Virginia.  Benjamin was the son of Jacob KENDRICK and Anna FOX.  Frances was the daughter of John CORBIN and Frances FANT.  They were my 7x-great grandparents.

1801 - Lavinia E. LOGAN born.  Lavinia was the daughter of John LOGAN and Rachel McPHEETERS.

1808 - Anna Marie Ilsbein KAHRE married Christian Friedrich RAHE.  Anna was the daughter of Johann Ludwig KAHRE and Anna Marie Ilsbein KROEGER.

1838 - Judith BURDICK died in Scott, New York.  Judith was the daughter of Samuel MAXSON and Ruth ROGERS.

1881 - Judson JARRETT died in Fayette County, Iowa.  Judson was Corinne's 4x-great grandfather.

1894 - Edith E. TOPP born in Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana.  Edith was the daughter of Charles C. TOPP and Carrie KING.

1895 - David RINEHART died in Wabash County, Indiana.  David was the son of Peter RINEHART and Margaret MINGA.

1895 - Luella Opal ROCKWELL born.  Luella was the daughter of Lynn Luman ROCKWELL and Beulah Sarah LeMASTERS.

1896 - James Thomas CAMERON born in Brown County, Illinois.  James was the son of John Francis CAMERON and Rebecca LOUDERBACK.

1902 - Yula Ursula REYNOLDS born in Ft. Jennings, Putnam County, Ohio.  Yula was the daughter of William Roger REYNOLDS and Rosa Annabelle McLANE.

1912 - Townsend HEATON died in Lancaster, Schuyler County, Missouri.  Townsend was the son of James R. HEATON and Elizabeth JACOBS.

1961 - Ernest Ovid LEWIS died in Koscuisko County, Indiana.  Ernest was the son of Lawrence Solomon LEWIS and Ruth Alice SILLS.

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