Saturday, November 12, 2011

Planting Cousin Bait

I’ve been planning out some post-dated blog posts for the upcoming New Year, planting cousin bait.  The posts are set up to be published each day, giving details regarding relatives in my family tree database, such as who was born, married or died on a particular day.

My hope is that by getting these small posts out there each day, others who are searching for these individuals will find my blog through the search engines.   In return, perhaps I will meet some new cousins and gain even more information about the family.

In doing so, I’ve discovered that for way too many individuals, I only have dates of birth, etc. and not places.  This is something I need to work on going forward.  Better documentation will help clear up unresolved family mysteries.

The first of these posts is set to start out January 1.  


Susan Petersen said...

I hope the cousins some running toward your blog. "Cousin bait" was the main reason I got started blogging and it has really paid off. I've received correspondence from many a distant relative who found me via the posts on my blog. Good luck to you and be sure to keep us posted!

Travis LeMaster said...

I agree "cousin bait" works, it's great to hear from distant kin. Thanks for the encouragement!