Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve - 1983 edition

The last Christmas Eve we had with my maternal grandmother, Bonnie Mae (LAMBERTSON) WRIGHT, was one of the coldest in my memory.  At the time, grandma was living with us and suffering from cancer.  When Christmas Eve came around, she wanted to visit her sister, Ruby, in nearby Anderson.  The weather was something frightful, I believe the windchill was negative 20-something and we had near white-out blizzard conditions.  Nevertheless, we all piled into the car and made the trip.

Ruby (Lambertson) Walsh, Bonnie (Lambertson) Wright, 24 Dec 1983
Grandma was really looking ill in this picture.  It came from the collection that cousin Mike Walsh had.  He also had a few other pictures of my immediate family from this visit on Christmas Eve.

Travis (standing), Michelle & Jason LeMaster, 24 December 1983
Michelle & Jason LeMaster, 24 December 1983
Jason LeMaster (looking bored) 24 December 1983

We always had a good time at Bob & Ruby's, enjoyed the good food and visiting with family.  They always treated us like we were their grandchildren.

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Gloria LeMaster said...

It was -4 that day with the -65 wind chill. Grandma Wright had a broken hip and we were worried that if we had car trouble she wouldn't be able to walk. However, we made it to Bob and Ruby's and put our car in their garage during the visit.