Thursday, December 15, 2011

Harry Pierpont's Grave

Tuesday morning I drove to Indianapolis and visited the gravesite of Harry Pierpont and other members of the family.  The cemetery was easy to find, not too far off from I-70 as you come through downtown Indianapolis.

I stopped at the cemetery offices, located at 435 West Troy Ave, and obtained a copy of the plot map to show me exactly where the members of the family were buried.  The offices are actually located at nearby Calvary Cemetery, approximately a mile or so from Holy Cross and St. Joseph cemeteries.

The red marks show the location of the Pierpont plot.  There are actually two plots, side by side.  The grave markers are rather plain, not elevated.  If you didn't know who you were looking for, it would be easy to overlook.

Earlier correspondence with the cemetery revealed the following information about the burials of Harry, Lena, Fred and Gilbert:

Hi Travis,  here is the information that you have requested.

Lena died on 10/21/1958, at the age of 75, she lived in Lakeville, Indiana, she belong to Sacred Heart parish, her next of kin was Joseph Pierpont and he apparently paid for the funeral expenses, her funeral was held through Kirby Mortuary. There are other family members buried at this same location. Here is a list of their names:

Fern Pierpont, age 19, died Aug. 7, 1919
Harry Pierpont, age 32, died Oct. 17, 1934
Lena Pierpont, age 75, died Oct. 25, 1958
Joseph Pierpont, age 80, died Oct. 6, 1961

All these family members are buried in Holy Cross Cemetery, Section 3-G, Lot 252, Lena is in grave 2.

Hopefully I have helped you, if you need anything else, please feel free to contact me.
By the way FYI, we have just opened a new area in Holy Cross in which can be purchased for family burial until sold out.
If you are interested in knowing more about this new area,  just let me know. We haven’t had any burial for sale for 25 years, now we do until it’s sold out.

Denise Ruell

Denise Ruell
Family Service Advisor

435 W. Troy Avenue
Indianapolis, In 46225

Tel: 317-784-4439

Fax: 317-789-0360

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