Wednesday, December 28, 2011


After a few years with the same old tagline, I believe that it’s time to create a new one for this blog.  Perhaps not many people pay attention to the tagline, but I want to make it the 30-second elevator speech for the TJLGenes blog.

Currently, the tagline reads :

Genealogy & family history research.  Chronicle of my research of my family lines, including lines of my children and step-children.  Maternal lines include a mix of Scots-Irish and English Quakers; paternal line has Swiss, German and French.

However, I feel that with a new year comes a new focus – not only on my lines and those of my wife, but aid to others who may be connected through collateral lines.  In the coming year, there will be more posts containing bits of “cousin bait” that I hope will create connections and spark new research; more personal genealogy for my future descendants, and more posts about my trials and errors in research that may helps someone avoid similar mistakes.

The new tagline will be :

A collection of genealogical nuggets for fellow researchers; cousin bait for our extended families and breadcrumbs for future descendants…
Hopefully the new tagline will be more reflective of what the blog is becoming, or more accurately, what I would like it to be.

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