Saturday, January 28, 2012

Genealogical Organization: Inspired To Keep Moving On

Wow, I've come across so many good ideas on how to organize my research in the last few days that I'm feeling inadequate.  Not only is my research a bit disorganized, but the time management crunch of trying to take care of it all has me feeling a bit overwhelmed.

Becky over at Kinexxions blog has a great way to organize her family files on her PC in a way that even a non-genealogist can understand.  I need to work on a system similar to this, as the files I've been scanning and trying to preserve have become a bit out of control.

I've also been following with interest the success of Tina at Gen Wish List and her project to systematically clean-up her database one letter of the alphabet at a time.  Now this is a project that my RootsMagic database sorely needs.

Makes my attempts to organize my research seem futile, yet at the same time they have inspired me to keep moving on.  Even though my 2011 Research template didn't quite get completed in the correct year, I hope to continue the methodology.  This years project to add more "cousin bait" to the blog with daily snippets about who was born, died, or married on that day has brought mixed results and exposed a lack of documentation in my research.

Take a moment to check out Becky and Tina's ideas and let's get organized!

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