Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Keeping whiskey in your home is no crime, it's an Art...

New Corydon, Ind. 1928?

Mrs. Clarence Stuber
Spencerville, Ohio
R.R. # 5

Monday morn I'm not washing we went to Dr. last eve.  She said it was my stomach liver and kidneys.  I had 2 degrees of fever I'm not feeling any better this morn.  Galen went on his route.  Fenning's gave me some stuff that takes out spots I tried one it took it out.  Kids are all right.


This postcard, part of the collection of my paternal great-aunt and uncle, Clarence and Vera (HALEY) STUBER, was sent to Vera by her sister, Mary (HALEY) MILLER.  Apparently, Mary was quite sick.  This prohibition era postcard is humorous.

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