Tuesday, January 10, 2012

On This Day : January 10

1712: Jane FESSENDEN married Samuel WINSHIP.  Jane was the daughter of Nicholas FESSENDEN and Margaret CHENEY.

1714: Jeffrey CHEW born in Gloucester County, New Jersey.  Jeffrey was the son of Nathaniel CHEW and Mary CLARK.  He was my 7x great-grandfather.

1740: James DAVIS married Judith MAXSON in Westerly, Rhode Island.  James was the son of William DAVIS and Elizabeth PAVIOR.  

1753: Joseph DAVIS married Mary BABCOCK in South Kingston, Rhode Island.  Joseph was the son of William DAVIS and Elizabeth PAVIOR.

1788: Richard HERITAGE died.  Richard was the son of Judah HERITAGE and Mary CATTELL.

1794: Nancy GAMBLE died.  Nancy was the daughter of John GAMBLE and Rebecca McPHEETERS.

1798: Solomon PEFLEY was born in Botetourt County, Virginia.  Solomon was the son of Henry PEFLEY and Susannah BORNDRAGAR.  He was Eileen's 3x great-grandfather.

1806: Thomas Y. SWAFFORD born.  Thomas was the son of Thomas SWAFFORD and Nellie HOWARD.

1826: Eliza Jane COOK born.  Eliza was the daughter of James S. COOK and Eunice HUNT.

1831: Silas WILLIAMS died in Champaign County, Ohio.  Silas was the son of Richard WILLIAMS and Prudence BEALS.

1832: Nathan BALES married Sallie MOORE.  Nathan was the son of William BEALS and Rachel JOHNSON.

1839: Richard CHEW married Jane LaFavour McCUTCHEN in Indiana.  Richard was the son of John Albertson CHEW and Nancy Margaret WOOLFORD.

1848: Lydia Sophia SHERMAN born in Licking County, Ohio.  Lydia was the daughter of Lorenzo SHERMAN and Sophia Polly MOULTON.

1861: Franklin Andrew HALEY born in Ohio.  Franklin was the son of George J. HALEY and Rachel H. GARY.

1888: John METZNER died in Jay County, Indiana.  John was the son of Jasper METZNER and Hannah REISENBURG.  He was my 3x great-grandfather.

1894: Arthur Clyde SWAFFORD born in Ray County, Missouri.  Arthur was the son of Allen Aaron SWAFFORD and Anna S. COVEY.

1898: Lydia Emeline HAGAMAN married R.D. WARD.  Lydia was the daughter of Charles Sherman HAGAMAN and Lydia MOULTON.

1902: Lila Pearl MAXON born in Fayette Couny, Pennsylvania.  Lila was the daughter of Joseph Lancaster MAXON and Josephine Agnes May GAMBLE.

1903: Mary Alice Cora WEHRLY married Joseph Herman STUMP.  Mary was the daughter of John P. WEHRLY and Catherine E. LeMASTERS.

1908: Jesse H. HODGKINS died in Brown County, Ohio.  Jesse was the son of James HODGKINS and Hannah ALFORD.

1916: Sarah A. ALDERMAN died in Greenville, Bond County, Illinois.  Sarah was the daughter of William Perry ALDERMAN and Elizabeth Ann LEE.

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