Thursday, January 19, 2012

On This Day : January 19

1687: John MAXSON married Judith CLARKE in Westerly, Rhode Island.  John was the son of Rev. John MAXSON and Mary MOSHER.  Judith was the daughter of Joseph CLARKE and Bethiah HUBBARD.  They were my 8x great-grandparents.

1690: Nathaniel NEWLIN born in Pennsylvania.  Nathaniel was the son of Nathaniel NEWLIN and Mary MENDENHALL.

1698: Samuel CLARKE married Ann CHAMPLAIN in Westerly, Rhode Island.  Samuel was the son of Joseph CLARKE and Bethiah HUBBARD.

1761: Nathan DAVIS married Ann GIFFORD.  Nathan was the son of Capt. Thomas William DAVIS and Tacy CRANDALL.

1772: Jedidah H. HIGGINS died in Kingston, New Jersey.  Jedidah was the son of Jedediah HIGGINS and Mary NEWBOLD.

1776: Silas GARFIELD born.  Silas was the son of Samuel GARFIELD and Abigail PIERCE.

1798: Isaac BEALS born in Jefferson County, Tennessee.  Isaac was the son of David BEALS and Rachel WEST.

1804: Elizabeth SILLS born in Bedford County, Pennsylvania.  Elizabeth was the daughter of Michael SILLS and Rosanna FETTERS.

1829: Col. Richard TAYLOR died near Lexington, Fayette County, Kentucky.  Richard was the son of Zachary TAYLOR and Elizabeth LEE.

1832: Rev. Luman Walker LeMASTERS married Nancy YOUNG in Shelby County, Ohio.  Luman was the son of Jacob LEMASTERS and Hannah ________.  Nancy was the daughter of Phillip YOUNG and Nancy Ann McLANE.  They were 3x great-grandparents.

1843: Martha CRANDALL died.  Martha was the daughter of Matthew MAXSON and Martha POTTER.

1867: Alice Bell BOYER born.  Alice was the daughter of Isaac B. BOYER and Elizabeth J. CHEVALIER.

1876: Anna Henriette WILD born in Evansville, Vanderburgh County, Indiana.  Anna was the daughter of Johannes Heinrich WILD and Emilie DEUTSCH.

1886: John GROENENDYKE died.  John was the son of James GROENENDYKE and Joannah ANTONIDES.

1888: Ulysses Grant SWAFFORD born in Cumberland County, Tennessee.  Ulysses was the son of James Andrew SWAFFORD and Rebecca Jane SHERRILL.

1902: Reuben H. DAVIS died in Harrison County, Virginia.  Reuben was the son of Cornelius S. DAVIS and Elizabeth Johnson SUTTON.

1966: Margot Marie RUFFALO died in Manhattan, New York County, New York.  Margot was the daughter of Claude Benjamin MONTGOMERY and Ruth E. JOHNSON.

2002: James Louis PIERCE died.  James was the son of William Francis PIERCE and Vida MADDOX.

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