Monday, January 09, 2012

On This Day : January 9

1710: Elizabeth KENYON born.  Elizabeth was the daughter of Nathaniel KENYON and Eleanor UTTER.

1767: Mary MAXSON born.  Mary was the daughter of Samuel MAXSON and Mary DOWNING.

1781: Isom HUNT married Ann MOON in Guilford County, North Carolina.  Isom was the son of Thomas HUNT and Ann BEALS.

1779: Thomas OLIPHANT born.  Thomas was the son of John OLIPHANT and Hannah AMOS.

1820: Solomon LEWIS born in Montgomery County, Ohio.  Solomon was the son of Nathaniel LEWIS and Nancy Ann SNIDER.

1833: Hannah MILLS born in Morgan County, Indiana.  Hannah was the daughter of Henry MILLS and Hannah WOODWARD.  She was my 4x great-grandmother.

1841: Matilda Mary SHELLY born in Indiana.  Matilda was the daughter of Jacob SHELLY and Elizabeth RICKERT.

1845: Susanna PETRY born in Eldorado, Preble County, Ohio.  Susanna was the daughter of Jacob PETRY and Magdalena ________.

1847: Abijah HEATON died.  Abijah was the son of William HEATON and Abigail ________.

1859: Matilda Gregg MAXON born in Pennsylvania.  Matilda was the daughter of  Alexander Young MAXON and Margaret ROSE.

1871: Amanda PIERCE born.  Amanda was the daughter of Henry Eldred PIERCE and Simeathy SMELSOR.

1885: Lottie A. HALEY born in Huron, Erie County, Ohio.  Lottie was the daughter of Franklin Andrew HALEY and Anna H. KUHL.

1888: Rachel Moore CAMPBELL died.  Rachel was the daughter of William CAMPBELL and Elizabeth McPHEETERS.

1890: Heinrich Wilhelm KAHRE died in Holsen, Westphalia.  Heinrich was the son of Christian Friedrich KAHRE and Anna Marie Catherine BRINKHOFF.

1897: Jessie FIELDS born.  Jessie was the daughter of John FIELDS and Ella Maude LEE.

1903: Abel Woolston CHEW died.  Abel was the son of Dr. Ezekiel Cooper CHEW and Caroline Bishop WOOLSTON.

1913: Richard Milhous NIXON born in Yorba Linda, California.  Richard was the son of Francis Anthony NIXSON and Hannah MILHOUS.

1915: Martha Isabelle HERCULES born in St. Henry, Ohio.  Martha was the daughter of Russell J. HERCULES and Bertha Alberta LeMASTER.

1920: Elizabeth LUCY died in Oklahoma.  Elizabeth was the daughter of James GROENENDYKE and Barbara BUCK.

1950: Suman Douglas KING died in Orestes, Madison County, Indiana.  Douglas was the son of Daniel KING and Elizabeth SHAW.

1960: Elbert A. JUDSON died in Bend, Deschutes County, Oregon.  Elbert was the son of Elza Carlisle JUDSON and Bertha RICHARDS.

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