Thursday, February 23, 2012

On This Day : February 23

1747 - Eunice MAXSON born.  Eunice was the daughter of John MAXSON and Sarah BURDICK.

1748 - John PHILBRICK born in Hampton, Province of New Hampshire.  John was the son of John PHILBRICK and Judith SANBORN.  John was my 5x great-grandfather.

1748 - James WRIGHT married Betty HAMILTON.  James was the son Robert WRIGHT and Elizabeth HENDERSON.

1748 - John WILLSON in Great Meadows, Warren County, New Jersey.  John was the son of Samuel WILLSON and Deborah WILLETTS.

1771 - Clarke DAVIS born.  Clarke was the son of Joseph DAVIS and Mary BABCOCK.

1774 - Martha FESSENDEN died in Cambridge, Middlesex County, Massachusetts. Martha was the daughter of Ichabod BROWN and Martha WOODBURY.  Martha was my 8x great-grandmother.

1797 - Jesse MAXSON married Sarah SUTTON in Harrison County, Virginia.  Jesse was the son of Ephraim MAXSON and Elisabeth DAVIS.  Sarah was the daughter of Cornelius SUTTON and Elizabeth APPLEGATE.  They were my 4x great-grandparents.

1797 - Ruth JESSOP married James PARISHO.  Ruth was the daughter of Thomas JESSOP and Mary BEALS.

1806 - Letitia WOOLSTON born in Burlington County, New Jersey.  Letitia was the daughter of Samuel WOOLSTON and Hannah HAINES.

1807 - Karl Ludwig KAHRE born in Kummerdingsen, Westphalia.  Karl was the son of Heinrich Hermann KAHRE and Anna Marie Elisabeth KAHRE.

1812 - Elizabeth HODGKINS married Edward HALL in Clermont County, Ohio.  Elizabeth was the daughter of James HODGKINS and Hannah ALFORD.

1816 - Ann COFFIN married Samuel KELLUM.  Ann was the daughter of Levi COFFIN and Prudence WILLIAMS.

1821 - Edwin Wallace MOULTON born in Castleton, Rutland County, Vermont.  Edwin was the son of Selah MOULTON and Lydia FINEL.

1826 - Catherine May McPHEETERS born.  Catherine was the daughter of William McPHEETERS and Margaret Ann Curry McDANIEL.

1836 - Aaron SWAFFORD born in Bledsoe County, Tennessee.  Aaron was the son of James A. SWAFFORD and Elizabeth HALL.

1850 - William OSBORNE died in Guilford County, North Carolina.  William was the son of Matthew OSBORNE and Mary REYNOLDS.

1854 - Anne HAINES died in Burlington County, New Jersey.  Anne was the daughter of Robert HAINES and Rachel VENICOMB.

1859 - Kiturah WAMSLEY born in Ohio.  Kiturah was the daughter of Samuel WAMSLEY and Catherine GROENENDYKE.

1864 - Margaret JACOBS died in York County, Pennsylvania.  Margaret was my 5x great-grandmother.

1868 - Edgar MILLS born in Clark Township, Clinton County, Ohio.  Edgar was the son of Jabez MILLS and Delia ________.

1872 - Emma BEALS married Calvin STURDEVANT in Hamilton County, Indiana. Emma was the daughter of John T. BEALS and Mary DAVIS.

1875 - Robert Pearly LEE born.  Robert was the son of Robert E. LEE and Frances A. CROWLEY.

1876 - Edward F. MOULTON died in Hamilton, Marion County, Iowa.  Edward was the son of Selah MOULTON and Lydia FINEL.

1881 - John W. LeMASTERS born in Indiana.  John was the son of Jacob LeMASTERS and Sarah Ann HALFHILL.

1895 - Carrie Mae HALEY married Arthur E. GRAVES in Jay County, Indiana.  Carrie was the daughter of George Washington HALEY and Mary Jane SHERRICK.

1902 - Orville Edward "Jack" LAMBERTSON born in Hamilton County, Indiana.  Jack was the son of Charles Wilson LAMBERTSON and Pearl May BEALS.

1905 - Joseph HIXENBAUGH died in Washington County, Pennsylvania.  Joseph was the son of Church HIXENBAUGH and Sarah A. MAXON.

1908 - Susannah HIATT died.  Susannah was the daughter of Alexander S. HEATON and Jemima SHAW.

1909 - Edwin Karl Friedrich RITT married Margaret M. HALBIG in Vanderburgh County, Indiana.  Edwin was the son of Karl Ludwig RITT and Anna Maria Louisa Catherine KAHRE.

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