Sunday, February 05, 2012

On This Day : February 5

1778: Rebecca MILLS married Joseph THORNBURGH.  Rebecca was the daughter of Thomas MILLS and Elizabeth HARROLD.

1783: Catherine TAYLOR born.  Catherine was the daughter of Richard TAYLOR and Catherine DAVIS.

1798: James BINGHAM died.  James was the son of William BINGHAM and Mary HAMPER.

1801: Elijah PIERCE married Patty MOULTON.  Elijah was the son of Seth PIERCE and Bethiah FIELD.

1811: Lewis Sutton DAVIS born in West Union, Doddridge County, Virginia.  Lewis was the son of Nathan DAVIS and Jane SUTTON.

1816: Joshua MENDENHALL died in East Caln, Pennsylvania.  Joshua was the son of Benjamin MENDENHALL and Lydia ROBERTS.

1816: Portman SWAFFORD born in Tennessee.  Portman was the son of Abraham SWAFFORD and Jane HOWARD.

1826: Belinda ANTONIDES married John C. BERGEN.  Belinda was the daughter of  Cornelius ANTONIDES and Marie VAN SICKLEN.

1836: Lucius G.C. PIERCE born.  Lucius was the son of Austin PIERCE and Mary Ann STERLING.

1836: Jesse H. HODGKINS married Mary McCONNELL in Brown County, Ohio.  Jesse was the son of James HODGKINS and Hannah ALFORD.

1869: Hester Ann LEE born in Bledsoe County, Tennessee.  Hester was the daughter of Benjamin Franklin LEE and Mary Isabella THURMAN.

1882: Charles Thomas SHERRICK born in Ashland, Ashland County, Ohio.  Charles was the son of Abraham Leander SHERRICK and Ruth M. THOMAS.

1884: Jesse Earl KIRK born Nebraska.  Jesse was the son of William Frank KIRK and Mary A. WRIGHT.

1899: Michael GROENENDYKE died.  Michael was the son of James GROENENDYKE and Joannah ANTONIDES.

1932: John Aaron SWAFFORD died in Rossville, Georgia.  John was the son of Aaron SWAFFORD and Sarah SWAFFORD.

1954: Martin Nimrod WEHRLY died.  Martin was the daughter of William P. WEHRLY and Olive Jane SMITH.

1973: Guy Elsworth LeMASTERS died in St. Joseph County, Missouri.  Guy was the son of Phillip Elsworth LeMASTERS and Laura Alice VOILES.

1998: Garth Luman LeMASTER died in Portland, Jay County, Indiana.  Garth was the son of Clarence Harrison LeMASTER and Ferry Mae BICKEL.

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