Wednesday, February 08, 2012

On This Day : February 8

1561 - Anne WALLER born in Rattlesden, Suffolk, England.  Anne was the daughter of John WALLER and Jane ________.  Anne was my 12x great-grandmother.

1680 - Jerusha WOODBURY born in Beverly, Essex County, Massachusetts.  Jerusha was the daughter of Peter WOODBURY and Sarah DODGE.

1720 - John ALLEN born in London Grove, Chester County, Pennsylvania.  John was the son of John ALLEN and Amy COX.  John was my 8x great-grandfather.

1734 - Joseph FESSENDEN died.  Joseph was the son of Nicholas FESSENDEN and Margaret CHENEY.

1784 - Uriah BALDWIN married Hannah HUNT.  Uriah was the son of William BALDWIN and Elizabeth SMITH.

1787 - Elizabeth HAWORTH born.  Elizabeth was the daughter of Absalom HAWORTH and Mary WEST.

1801 - Elijah PIERCE married Patty MOULTON.  Elijah was the son of Seth PIERCE and Bethiah FIELD.

1804 - Martha McPherson HIGGINS born in Amwell, Hunterdon County, New Jersey.  Martha was the daughter of Judiah H. HIGGINS and Rachel McPHERSON.

1809 - Samuel HUTCHINSON died in Norwich, Vermont.  Samuel was my 7x great-grandfather.

1810 - Nathan JOHNSON married Mary GUYER.  Nathan was the son of Tarlton JOHNSON and Sarah MILLS.

1811 - Heinrich Wilhelm KAHRE born in Holsen, Westphalia.  Heinrich was the son of Christian Friedrich KAHRE and Anna Marie Catherine BRINKHOFF.

1811 - Sarah GIBBONS died in Granville, Massachusetts.  Sarah was the daughter of Thomas GREEN and Mary JOHNSON. Sarah was my 6x great-grandmother.

1846 - Elsah Ann RHOADABCK born in Pennsylvania.  Elsah was the daughter of William RHOADABACK and Clarissa MAXON.

1847 - Catherine B. SHERRICK born in Ashland County, Ohio.  Catherine was the daughter of David SHERRICK and Susan JACOBS.

1852 - Elizabeth PETRY died in Preble County, Ohio.  Elizabeth was the daughter of Heinrich WEHRLY and Catherine MOSER.

1855 - Mary Ann CROCKETT married John LAYMAN in Owen County, Indiana.  Mary was the daughter of Conrad NOSLER and Sarah PAINS.  Mary was my 5x great-grandmother.

1869 - John H. SIGLER born in Pipe Creek Township, Madison County, Indiana.  John was the son of Andrew Jackson SIGLER and Almira P. PIERCE.

1871 - Mary Jane KING married Leroy YOUNG.  Mary was the daughter of Daniel KING and Elizabeth SHAW.

1899 - Allen SWAFFORD married Elizabeth R. DRAVENSTOTT in Hallard, Missouri.  Allen was the son of John B. SWAFFORD and Nancy Rowena MILLARD.

1914 - Crystal E. KING born.  Crystal was the daughter of James Alfred KING and Rosie M. DILL.

1930 - Ida Jane COPLEY died in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  Ida was the daughter of William JACOBS and Catherine EICHELBERGER.

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