Wednesday, March 21, 2012

On This Day : March 21

1735 - Mordecai MENDENHALL married Charity BEESON in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.  Mordecai was the son of John MENDENHALL and Susannah PIERSON.  Charity was the daughter of Richard BEESON and Charity GRUBB.  They were my 7x great-grandparents.

1754 - Nathaniel KENYON married Eleanor UTTER.  Nathaniel was the son of Peter KENYON and Naomi WELLS.

1770 - Jacob LEMASTERS born in Pennsylvania.  Jacob was my 4x great-grandfather.

1663 - George MENDENHALL born in Mildenhall, Wiltshire, England.  George was the son of Thomas MENDENHALL and Joane STRODE.

1669 - John MARIS born in Inkborough, Worchestershire, England.  John was the son of George MARIS and Alice ________.

1681 - Mary PRICE born.  Mary was the daughter of Robert PRICE and Sarah WEBB.

1735 - Elizabeth WRIGHT born in Dairsie, Fife, Scotland.  Elizabeth was the daughter of Robert WRIGHT and Elizabeth HENDERSON.

1749 - Anna Catherine Elisabeth RULLMANN born in Schnathorst, Westphalia.  Anna was the daughter of Heinrich Hermann RULLMANN and Catherine Marie KAHRE.

1771 - Molly PATRICK born.  Molly was the daughter of John PATRICK and Janett McPHEETERS.

1793 - Alexander CROCKETT married Elizabeth WATKINS in Jefferson County, Tennessee.  Alexander was the son of David CROCKETT and Elizabeth ________.  Elizabeth was the daughter of David WATKINS and Hannah ________.  They were my 6x great-grandparents.

1801 - Joseph SILLS born in Pennsylvania.  Joseph was the son of Joseph SILLS.

1817 - Amos SUTTON married Sarah LIPPENCOTT in Greene County, Ohio.  Amos was the son of Cornelius SUTTON and Elizabeth APPLEGATE.

1852 - Martha HECK married Walter P. TAYLOR in Bracken County, Kentucky.  Martha was the daughter of William HECK and Phoebe WILEY.

1852 - Daniel T. COY died.  Daniel was the son of John COY and Almira PIERCE.

1867 - Edmund W. PIERCE born.  Edmund was the son of Albert Orlando PIERCE and Elizabeth Williams PIKE.

1868 - James J. SWAFFORD born in Ray County, Missouri. James was the son of John B. SWAFFORD and Nancy Rowena MILLARD.

1871 - Joel BALES married Merry C. ABBOTT.  Joel was the son of Amer Jackson BEALS and Harriett HIGGINBOTHAM.

1876 - Emma C. WHITE born in Warrick County, Indiana.  Emma was the daughter of Thomas WHITE and Rebecca Ann MATTHEWS.

1878 - Lulu Blanch HUBER born.  Lulu was the daughter of Walter F. HUBER and Emeline YOUNG.

1882 - Levi JACOBS died in Effingham County, Illinois.  Levi was the son of William JACOBS and Sibell LITTELL.

1893 - John Aaron SWAFFORD born in Cumberland County, Tennessee.  John was the son of James Andrew SWAFFORD and Rebecca James SHERRILL.

1897 - Joseph Oscar SWAFFORD born.  Joseph was the son of James Wesley SWAFFORD and Emma SETH.

1908 - Roy CHIVLARE married Annie BEASLEY in Vanderburgh County, Indiana.  Roy was the son of Alpha Revis CHIVLARE and Clara Belle FOLLOWAY.

1948 - Jesse Walter SWAFFORD died in Hutchinson, Kansas.  Jesse was the son of Aaron W. SWAFFORD and Elizabeth SHIRLEY.

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