Saturday, March 24, 2012

On This Day : March 24

1680 - Rachel BACON married Thomas PIERCE.  Rachel was the daughter of Daniel BACON and Mary READE.

1721 - Jonathan WAITE born. Jonathan was the son of Peter WAITE and Abigail PIERCE.

1753 - Anna Maria JACOBI born in Berghofen.  Anna was the daughter of Johannes JACOBI and Anna Elisabeth ________.  Anna was Corinne's 6x great-grandmother.

1806 - Hannah MAXSON born in Clark County, Ohio.  Hannah was the daughter of Jesse MAXSON and Sarah SUTTON.

1851 - Jesse MAXSON died in Clark County, Ohio.  Jesse was the son of Ephraim MAXSON and Elisabeth DAVIS.  Jesse was my 4x great-grandfather.

1864 - Boater BALES married Saphrona CORY.  Boater was the son of Aaron BALES and Susannah RUSSELL.

1861 - Hannah DAVIS died.  Hannah was the daughter of Jonathan R. DAVIS and Elizabeth COVEY.

1862 - Mary A. METZNER born in Jay County, Indiana.  Mary was the daughter of John METZNER and Catherine YOUNG.

1866 - Eli Weldon HALEY born in Erie County, Ohio.  Eli was the son of George Washington HALEY and Mary Jane SHERRICK.  Eli was my great-grandfather.

1866 - James William BURCHFIEL born in Dandridge, Jefferson County, Tennessee.  James was the son of Joseph Rmenia BURCHFIEL and Louisa LEE.

1882 - Albert SWAFFORD born in Ray County, Missouri.  Albert was the son of Allen Aaron SWAFFORD and Meda LILES.

1900 - Perry D. GROENENDYKE married Anna MILLER.  Perry was the son of Elias GROENENDYKE and Hester TEAFORD.

1904 - Clara Eliza POSTLEWART died in St. Joseph, Missouri.  Clara was the daughter of Charles Sherman HAGAMAN and Lydia MOULTON.

1907 - Gay Kathryn BERGMAN born in Jay County, Indiana.  Gay was the daughter of George Calvin BERGMAN and Nora May STOLZ.

1910 - Kenneth E. CHEW died in Madison Township, Jay County, Indiana.  Kenneth was the son of William Anderson CHEW and Emma Susan STRAIGHT.

1961 - Luman Walker WEHRLY died.  Luman was the son of John P. WEHRLY and Catherine LeMASTERS.

1976 - Isabelle Helene BILLING died in Tucson, Pima County, Arizona.  Isabelle was the daughter of Ord Otterbein LeMASTER and Emma W.G. GARMHAUSEN.

1984 - Lella Lewis SLINKARD died in Fresno, California.  Lella was the daughter of William Clifford LeMASTER and Lella Edith LEWIS.

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Grandma Honey said...

Thank you Travis, for the reminder that today is my Grandma Slinkard's death anniversary. I knew it was coming up soon but didn't realize it was actually today. I will do something to honor her.