Sunday, March 04, 2012

On This Day : March 4

1636 - Anton SCHWARTZ married Anna WACKENHUT in Egenhausen, Wurttemberg.  Anton was the son of Hans SCHWARTZ and Catherina ________.  Anna was the daughter of Hans WACKENHUT and ________.  They were my 10x great-grandparents.

1707 - John GRUBB died in New Castle County, Delaware.  John was the son of John GRUBB and Helen VIVIAN.  John was my 9x great-grandfather.

1762 - Polly Mary BROWN born in New Monkland, Lanarkshire, Scotland.  Polly was the daughter of Alexander BROWN and Elizabeth WRIGHT.

1777 - Samuel FETTERS born in Bedford County, Pennsylvania.  Samuel was the son of Johann Michael FETTER and Maria Catharina SCHMIED.

1781 - Oliver MAXSON born.  Oliver was the son of Jesse MAXSON and Elizabeth CLARKE.

1781 - Josiah WHITE born.  Josiah was the son of John WHITE and Rebecca HAINES.

1790 - Joshua MAXSON married Thankful STILLMAN.  Joshua was the son of Torey MAXSON and Martha LANPHERE.

1802 - Ephraim JACOBS born in Fleming County, Kentucky.  Ephraim was the son of William JACOBS and Sibell LITTELL.

1804 - Joshua HIGGINS died in Kingston, Somerset County, New Jersey.  Joshua was the son of Jediah H. HIGGINS and Hannah STOUT.

1810 - William PIERCE born.  William was the son of Samuel PIERCE and Persis BARROWS.

1818 - John Calvin SWAFFORD born in Bledsoe County, Tennessee.  John was the son of Aaron SWAFFORD and Elizabeth SWAFFORD.

1824 - Hannah STANLEY died in Ohio.  Hannah was the daughter of John MILLS and Sarah BEALS.

1827 - Harriet N. MOULTON born in Rutland County, Vermont.  Harriet was the daughter of Selah MOULTON and Lydia FINEL.

1828 - Caroline W. PEPPER born.  Caroline was the daughter of William PEPPER and Eliza PIERCE.

1864 - Andrew Frank HALEY born in Ashland County, Ohio.  Andrew was the son of George Washington HALEY and Mary Jane SHERRICK.

1879 - Willis A.L. METZNER died in Jay County, Indiana.  Willis was the son of John Adam METZNER and Clara MOULTON.

1888 - Mary A. METZNER married Harvey A. HUEY in Jay County, Indiana.  Mary was the daughter of John METZNER and Catherine YOUNG.

1889 - Margaret Melissa CUMMINGS born in Tennessee.  Margaret was the daughter of St. Patrick Merlin CUMMINGS and Melinda Ellen PACE.

1904 - Ann Eliza CHEW born.  Ann was the daughter of William Tatem CHEW and Lucretta VAN DEXTER.

1909 - William Francis PIERCE married Vida MADDOX in Madison County, Indiana.  William was my 2x great-grandfather.

1930 - Louis Napoleon METZNER died in Grand Rapids, Kent County, Michigan.  Louis was the son of William METZNER and Barbara POWELL.

1967 - Anna Magdalena WILDT died in Evansville, Vanderburgh County, Indiana.  Anna was the daughter of Frederick Henry DAMM and Wilhelmina SCHNEIDER.  Anna was Corinne's 2x great-grandmother.

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