Tuesday, March 06, 2012

On This Day : March 6

1644 - Margaret EXTON married William REYNOLDS.  Margaret was the daughter of John EXTON and Alis FIVINS.  They were my 10x great-grandparents.

1656 - Lydia BACON born in Newton, Suffolk County, Massachusetts.  Lydia was the daughter of Daniel BACON and Mary READE.  Lydia was my 9x great-grandmother.

1663 - John WOOLSTON born in Northamptonshire, England.  John was my 8x great-grandfather.

1690 - Ebenezer REED born.  Ebenezer was the son of George REED and Abigail PIERCE.

1703 - Joshua HADLEY born in Kings County, Ireland.  Joshua was the son of Simon and Ruth HADLEY.  Joshua was my 8x great-grandfather.

1706 - Abigail WITTER married John FREEMAN.  Abigail was the daughter of Josiah WITTER and Sarah CRANDALL.

1730 - Mosher MAXSON born in Westerly, Rhode Island.  Mosher was the son of Joseph MAXSON and Bethia MAXSON.

1739 - Thomas FESSENDEN died.  Thomas was the son of Nicholas FESSENDEN and Margaret CHENEY.

1752 - Asa MAXSON born.  Asa was the son of David MAXSON and Abigail GREENMAN.

1761 - Heinrich Hermann KAMMEIER born.  Heinrich was the son of Heinrich Hermann KAMMEIER and Anna Catherine KAHRE.

1769 - Amy DAVIS born.  Amy was the daughter of Joseph DAVIS and Mary BABCOCK.

1790 - Sarah TAYLOR born.  Sarah was the daughter of Commordore Richard TAYLOR and Catherine DAVIS.

1803 - William McPheeters LOGAN born.  William was the son of John LOGAN and Rachel McPHEETERS.

1818 - Amer Jackson BEALS born in Clinton County, Ohio.  Amer was the son of Daniel BEALS and Catherine JACKSON.

1821 - Sarah Tira CROCKETT born in Tennessee.  Sarah was the daughter of David CROCKETT and Mary Ann NOSLER.

1836 - Joseph Henry PEFLEY born in Eaton, Preble County, Ohio.  Joseph was the son of Solomon PEFLEY and Frances ROOF.

1839 - Mary Jane BALES born.  Mary was the daughter of Benjamin BALES and Nancy WRIGHTSMAN.

1845 - Royal Storrs PIERCE died in Mina, New York.  Royal was the son of Gordon PIERCE and Thirsa SMALLEY.

1851 - Dora Alice FLANAGAN born in Dallas, Alabama. Dora was the daughter of William Jackson FLANAGAN and Elizabeth JACKSON.

1856 - Emory CARTER born in Hendricks County, Indiana.  Emory was the son of Milton CARTER and Louisa Ann HODSON.

1862 - Enoch CARTER died in Indiana.  Enoch was the son of John CARTER and Sarah BEALS.

1879 - Arthur Augustus METZNER born in Jay County, Indiana.  Arthur was the son of Louis Napoleon METZNER and Henrietta WEAVER.

1882 - William Henderson SWAFFORD married Sarsh Sally J. McCROSKIE in Ray County, Missouri.  William was the son of Aaron W. SWAFFORD and Elizabeth SHIRLEY.

1889 - Charles Morton POE married Minnie Elizabeth SHIMEALL in Norton, Norton County, Kansas.  Charles was the son of Isaac S. POE and Hannah MILLS.

1967 - Viola MANKINS died in Evansville, Vanderburgh County, Indiana.  Viola was the daughter of James FOLLOWAY and Julia WILLIAMS.

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