Thursday, March 08, 2012

On This Day : March 8

1685 - Anne HIGGINS born in Piscataway, Middlesex County, New Jersey. Anne was the daughter of Jedediah HIGGINS and Mary NEWBOLD.

1690 - George MENDENHALL married Elizabeth BACON.  George was the son of Thomas MENDENHALL and Joane STROADE.

1703 - Mehitable BROUGHTON born.  Mehitable was the daughter of John BROUGHTON and Hanna BASCOM.

1720 - Henry BROWN born.  Henry was the son of Richard BROWN and Hannah REYNOLDS.

1790 - Elizabeth JACKSON born.  Elizabeth was the daughter of John JACKSON and Phebe BEALS.

1797 - Bennajah HIATT married Elizabeth WHITE.  Bennajah was the daughter of William HIATT and Charity WILLIAMS.

1804 - Oliver MAXSON married Esther ROGERS.  Oliver was the son of Jesse MAXSON and Elizabeth CLARKE.

1810 - Ann BEALS married Jacob BEALS.  Ann was the daughter of Daniel BEALS and Susanna JACKSON.

1812 - Jesse CHEW died.  Jesse was the son of Rev. Jesse CHEW and Mary RICHARDS.

1849 - Caroline JACKSON married Jesse WILL.  Caroline was the daughter of Bowater JACKSON and Jennie MACE.

1849 - Almira P. PIERCE born in Indiana.  Almira was the daughter of Francis S. PIERCE and Rebecca PAGE.

1860 - William BEALS died.  William was the son of William BEALS and Priscilla HORTON.

1864 - Anna WRIGHT born in Brown County, Ohio.  Anna was the daughter of Joseph W. WRIGHT and Rebecca Ann HEATON.

1870 - Emma Dorothy Sophie RITT born.  Emma was the daughter of Karl Ludwig RITT and Anna Maria Louisa Catharine KAHRE.

1871 - Lyman PIERCE born in Lafayette Township, Madison County, Indiana.  Lyman was the son of Edmund G. PIERCE and Catherine GROENENDYKE.

1883 - Thomas J. KING married Eliza J. JOHNSON.  Thomas was the son of George Washington KING and Elizabeth HOWARD.

1897 - Louisa Jane CHIVLARE died in Yankeetown, Warrick County, Indiana.  Louisa was the daughter of Alpha Revis CHIVLARE and Clara Belle FOLLOWAY.

1898 - Homer David GROENENDYKE born in Bentonville, Arkansas.  Homer was the son of Frank GROENENDYKE and Lydia ROHLS.

1909 - Walter A. WILDT born in Vanderburgh County, Indiana.  Walter was the son of Walter WILDT and Augusta Elizabeth BURGDORF.

1911 - Daisy IVEY died in Marshall County, Kentucky.  Daisy was the daughter of Samuel H. IVEY and Emma E. CARTER.

1952 - Alva Monroe WEHRLY died in Portland, Jay County, Indiana.  Alva was the son of William P. WEHRLY and Olive Jane SMITH.

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