Friday, March 09, 2012

On This Day : March 9

1572 - John STANLEY born in Ashford, Kent, England.  John was the son of Peter STANLEY and Joane MASTERSON.  John was my 12x great-grandfather.

1663 - Ulrich SCHURCH born in Sumiswald, Bern, Switzerland.  Ulrich was the son of Peter SCHURCH and Verena EGGIMAN.  Ulrich was my 7x great-grandfather.

1717 - Benjamin MENDENHALL married Lydia ROBERTS.  Benjamin was the son of Benjamin MENDENHALL and Ann PENNELL.

1761 - Hannah POTTER born.  Hannah was the daughter of George POTTER and Content MAXSON.

1770 - Anne Sophie Charlotte KAMMEIER born.  Anne was the daughter of Heinrich Hermann KAMMEIER and Anna Catherina KAHRE.

1792 - Rachel WILLIAMS married Jonathan HIATT.  Rachel was the daughter of Silas WILLIAMS and Mary HUNT.

1800 - Sarah JOHNSON married John HODGSON.  Sarah was the daughter of Tarlton JOHNSON and Sarah MILLS.

1822 - Obed WILLSON married Elizabeth O. CARCUFF in Sussex County, New Jersey.  Obed was the son of Mahlon WILLSON and ________.

1838 - Samuel SILLS born in Champaign County, Ohio.  Samuel was the son of George SILLS and Mary GRIMES.

1845 - Elizabeth THORNBURGH died.  Elizabeth was the daughter of Daniel BEALS and Susanna JACKSON.

1859 - Mary MOON died.  Mary was the daughter of Andrew CHEW and Anna Marie BARTHUS.

1864 - Henry J. MILLS born.  Henry was the son of Aaron MILLS and Catherine FARMER.

1868 - James Wesley SWAFFORD born in Missouri.  James was the son of Jewell SWAFFORD and Maggie SWAFFORD.

1870 - Samuel Brown McPHEETERS died.  Samuel was the son of William McPHEETERS and Margaret Ann Curry McDANIEL.

1890 - Heinrich Wilhelm KAHRE died in Holsen, Westphalia.  Heinrich was the son of Christian Friedrich KAHRE and Anna Marie Catherine BRINKHOFF.

1907 - Jesse Leonard CHEW died.  Jesse was the daughter of Thomas Atkinson CHEW and Abigail A. LEONARD.

1914 - Hannah POE died in Norton, Norton County, Kansas.  Hannah was the daughter of Henry MILLS and Hannah WOODWARD.  Hannah was my 4x great-grandmother.

1916 - Elizabeth RIEBER died in Evansville, Vanderburgh County, Indiana.  Elizabeth was Corinne's 4x great-grandmother.

1916 - Ruben J. CHIVLARE born in Vanderburgh County, Indiana.  Ruben was the son of Carl CHIVLARE and Lorena GRIM.

1930 - Sarah Ellen LOUDERBACK died.  Sarah was the daughter of Jackson Conrad CROCKETT and Clarinda GRIFFITHS.

1951 - John Reed Maxon CHALFANT died.  John was the son of Solomon Elija CHALFANT and Matilda Gregg MAXON.

1989 - Ruby Alice HEMBERGER died in Boulder, Boulder County, Colorado.  Ruby was the daughter of Curtis W. POE and Lillian S. PHEBUS.

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