Sunday, April 15, 2012

On This Day : April 15

1659 - Thomas BURPBEE married Sarah KELLEY in Rowley, Essex County, Massachusetts.  They were my 10x great-grandparents.

1800 - Esther YOUNG born in Berkeley County, Virginia.  Esther was the daughter of Charles YOUNG and Catherine Elizabeth KINT.

1815 - Maria Catharina PETRY died in York County, Pennsylvania.  Maria was the daughter of Duvald KALTREIDER and Elizabeth Catherine ________.  Maria was my 4x great-grandmother.

1818 - Salome PEFLEY born.  Salome was the daughter of Henry PEFLEY and Susannah BORNDRAGAR.

1843 - Carl Heinrich KAHRE born.  Carl was the son of Heinrich Wilhelm KAHRE and Marie Caroline Wilhelmina KORFF.

1851 - Commodore Perry RUTHERFORD born.  Commodore was the son of Randolph Spicer RUTHERFORD and Christina Evalina HECK.

1852 - Rebecca UNTHANK died.  Rebecca was the daughter of William HIATT and Charity WILLIAMS.

1853 - Mary JAMES died in Westfork, Ohio.  Mary was the daughter of Isom HUNT and Margaret BUNDY.

1880 - John McLANE married Emma Isabelle DINSMORE in Putnam County, Ohio.  John was the son of William Fleming McLANE and Elizabeth GUFFY.

1888 - Luman Walker LeMASTERS Sr. died in Jay County, Indiana.  Luman was the son of Jacob LEMASTERS and Hannah ________.  He was my 3x great-grandfather.

1893 - Joshua Vickers MILLHOUS died in Bigger, Indiana.  Joshua was the son of William MILLHOUS and Martha VICKERS.

1905 - Lola May LAMBERTSON married Omer A. WHISLER in Hamilton County, Indiana.  Lola was the daughter of Carey W. LAMBERTSON and Clara E. COOK.

1977 - Homer Udene PEFLEY died in Wabash, Wabash County, Indiana.  Homer was the son of Homer Hanley PEFLEY and Flossie Irene LEWIS.

2007 - Gaynor Lea ROZIER died.  Gaynor was the daughter of Earl SLINKARD and Lella Lewis LeMASTER.

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Grandma Honey said...

Thanks Travis, for including my Mom, Gaynor Rozier.