Sunday, April 22, 2012

On This Day : April 22

1680 - Pieter DE LA NOY married Elizabeth DePOTTER in New Amsterdam.  Pieter was the son of Abraham DE LA NOY and Marritte LUBBERTS.

1688 - Jane FESSENDEN born in Cambridge, Middlesex County, Massachusetts.  Jane was the daughter of Nicholas FESSENDEN and Margaret CHENEY.

1727 - Hans Heinrich CHERDRON married Anna Maria HERBACH in Otterberg, Bayern.  Hans was the son of Abraham CHERDRON and Anne Margueritte VIELLARD.  Anna was the daughter of Johann Peter HERBACH and Anna Maria ________.  They were my 7x great-grandparents.

1770 - Belinda ANTONIDES born.  Belinda was the daughter of Pieter ANTONIDES and Catherine VANDERVEER.

1790 - Elijah CHEW born in Gloucester County, New Jersey.  Elijah was the son of Nathaniel CHEW and Sarah SPRINGER.

1790 - Elizabeth WRIGHT died in Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland.  Elizabeth was the daughter of James HENDERSON and Janet ALEXANDER.  She was my 8x great-grandmother.

1802 - Vincentius ANTONIDES died.  Vincentius was the son of Johannis ANTONIDES and Johanna KOUWENHOVEN.

1803 - Samuel LIPPENCOTT born in Pike Township, Clark County, Ohio.  Samuel was the son of Samuel LIPPENCOTT and Amy MAXSON.

1815 - Joseph Alexander LOGAN born.  Joseph was the son of John LOGAN and Rachel McPHEETERS.

1845 - Elizabeth Lee FADDEN died.  Elizabeth was the daughter of Richard TAYLOR and Sarah Dabney STROTHER.

1852 - Melissa Jane YOUNG married Alfred AILES in Jackson Township, Shelby County, Ohio.  Melissa was the daughter of Phillip YOUNG and Keziah CURTIS.

1855 - John Stevens LeMASTERS born in Jay County, Indiana. John was the son of Luman Walker LEMASTERS Sr. and Nancy YOUNG.

1862 - Cornelius KING married Indiana BURKHART in Marion County, Indiana.  Cornelius was the son of William KING and Sarah SULLIVAN.

1875 - Harry Wesley BRITTON born.  Harry was the son of Josiah Cole BRITTON and Elenor Creveling EWING.

1884 - James McPheeters CAMPBELL died.  James was the son of William CAMPBELL and Elizabeth McPHEETERS.

1884 - Albert Orlando PIERCE married Sarah S. WILSON in Wayne County, Indiana.  Albert was the son of Francis S. PIERCE and Rebecca PAGE.

1898 - Ruby Virginia KING born in Madison County, Indiana.  Ruby was the daughter of Benjamin Zellen KING and Elizabeth Ann SCHELL.

1898 - Jacob LEWIS died in Lancaster, Huntington County, Indiana.  Jacob was the son of Solomon LEWIS and Margaret RINEHART.  Jacob was Eileen's 2x great-grandfather.

1899 - Phillip DAMM died in Evansville, Vanderburgh County, Indiana.  Phillip was the son of George DAMM and Hannah SNIDER.

1906 - Arthur Raymond LeMASTER married Maude Gertrude McLAUGHLIN in Jay County, Indiana.  Arthur was the son of Luman Walker LeMASTERS and Mary Keziah CHEW.

1953 - Charlie BUTLER died in San Diego, San Diego County, California.  Charlie was the son of Frank Carlos BUTLER and Clara LEMASTERS.

1955 - Lydia Marie PIGGOTT died in Richmond, Missouri.  Lydia was the daughter of William Henry BARNES and Martha Rowena SWAFFORD.

1963 - Perry Taylor CHIVLARE died in Evansville, Vanderburgh County, Indiana.  Perry was the son of Alpha Revis CHIVLARE and Clara Belle FOLLOWAY.

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