Monday, April 30, 2012

On This Day : April 30

1698 - James TAYLOR died in King & Queen County, Virginia.  James was my 10x-great grandfather.

1714 - Benjamin NYE died in Sandwich, Barnstable County, Massachusetts.  Benjamin was my 10x-great grandfather.

1757 - Johann Jurgen KAHRE married Anna Catherine Elisabeth OBERMEIER.  Johann was the son of Johann Jurgen KAHRE and Anna Katherine STEINMEIER.  Johann was Corinne's 7x-great grandfather.

1769 - Abigail STANLEY born in Guilford County, North Carolina.  Abigail was the daughter of Strangeman STANLEY and Jemima MILLS.

1782 - Samuel OLIPHANT married Elizabeth Holmes HARRIS.  Samuel was the son of Ephraim OLIPHANT and Sarah Higgins STOUT.

1799 - James Augustus McPHEETERS born in Harrison County, Kentucky.  James was the son of James Moore McPHEETERS and Elizabeth COALTER.

1806 - Susannah A. JACKSON married Timothy H. JESSOP.  Susannah was the daughter of Curtis JACKSON and Ruth BEALS.

1808 - Elizabeth HAWORTH married James DAVIS.  Elizabeth was the daughter of Absalom HAWORTH and Mary WEST.

1837 - Edmund G. PIERCE born in Wayne County, Indiana.  Edmund was the son of Francis S. PIERCE and Rebecca PAGE.  Edmund was my 3x-great grandfather.

1841 - Louise MAXSON born in Muscatine County, Iowa.  Louise was the daughter of William MAXSON and Delilah BOWLAND.

1843 - James Milo NOSLER born in Putnam County, Indiana.  James was the son of John NOSLER and Nancy HIBBS.

1848 - James A. SLOAN born in Bledsoe County, Tennessee.  James was the son of Henderson SLOAN and Rebecca A. SWAFFORD.

1867 - M. David JACOBS married Mary GAULT in Wayne County, Ohio.  David was the son of David JACOBS and Barbara BYERS.

1883 - Rosa DEUTSCH died in Evansville, Vanderburgh County, Indiana.  Rosa was the daughter of Johann Jacob DEUTSCH and Doris Elisabeth SCHUTTE.

1884 - Edith SILLS born in Wabash County, Indiana.  Edith was the daughter of Christopher SILLS and Samantha SHELLY.

1892 - Sarah ENGLE died.  Sarah was the daughter of Ananias DAVIS and Rebecca CLAYTON.

1922 - John William CHEW died in Leon, Clarke County, Iowa.  John was the son of Richard A. CHEW and Jane LaFavour McCUTCHEON.

1932 - Michael L. GROENENDYKE died in Toledo, Lucas County, Ohio.  Michael was the son of Thomas Hagerman GROENENDYKE and Nancy MOFFETT.

1941 - Ethan AILES died in Dayton, Montgomery County, Ohio.  Ethan was the son of Alfred AILES and Melissa Jane YOUNG.

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