Tuesday, May 01, 2012

On This Day : May 1

1655 - Anna SCHWARTZ died in Egenhausen, Württemberg.  Anna was the daughter of Hans WACKENHUT.  Anna was my 10x-great grandmother.

1704 - Caleb NYE died in Sandwich, Barnstable County, Massachusetts.  Caleb was the son of Benjamin NYE and Elizabeth TUPPER.  Caleb was my 9x-great grandfather.

1707 - Jonathan MAXSON married Content ROGERS.  Jonathan was the son of John MAXSON and Mary MOSHER.

1725 - William KOUWENHOVEN married Mary Theodorus COLYER in New Jersey.  William was the son of Pieter Willemse VAN KOUWENHOVEN and Patience DAWS.

1762 - William MADISON born.  William was the son of James MADISON and Eleanor Rose CONWAY.

1771 - Michael STANLEY born in Guilford County, North Carolina.  Michael was the son of Strangeman STANLEY and Jemima MILLS.

1806 - Lydia MAXSON married Joseph WELLS.  Lydia was the daughter of Silvanus MAXSON and Lydia LEWIS.

1821 - Elizabeth HAWORTH born.  Elizabeth was the daughter of Nathaniel HAWORTH and Anna OLIPHANT.

1823 - Margaret Caroline MAXON born in Pennsylvania.  Margaret was the daughter of Jesse MAXON and Jane NAGLE.

1828 - Josiah STOUT born.  Josiah was the son of Jesse STOUT and Sarah MORRISON.

1829 - Lewis PENISTEN married Elizabeth BOYLES in Pike County, Ohio.  Lewis was the son of George PENISTEN and Rebecca WHEATON.

1838 - Anna ALDERMAN married William KINGMAN in Marion County, Indiana.  Anna was the daughter of James ALDERMAN and Martha CANTELL.

1859 - Thomas J. BEALS married Sarah Malinda THOMPSON.  Thomas was the son of Nathan C. BEALS and Elizabeth CHEW.

1867 - Elizabeth J. BEALS married Solomon HINSHAW.  Elizabeth was the daughter of John T. BEALS and Mary DAVIS.

1869 - Phillip D. LeMASTERS died in Darke County, Ohio.  Phillip was the son of Luman Walker LeMASTERS and Mary Keziah CHEW.

1872 - David Erwin JACOBS born in Milton Township, Ashland County, Ohio.  David was the son of William JACOBS and Catherine EICHELBERGER.

1881 - Esther DOWNS died.  Esther was the daughter of Silas WILLIAMS and Mary HUNT.

1889 - Joseph Lancaster MAXON married Josephine Agnes May GAMBLE in Monongalia County, West Virginia.  Joseph was the son of Melford Joseph MAXON and Mary E. LANCASTER.

1960 - Clyde C. SHERRICK died in Ashland, Ashland County, Ohio.  Clyde was the son of Abraham Leander SHERRICK and Ruth M. THOMAS.

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