Friday, May 25, 2012

On This Day : May 25

1683 - Lydia PIERCE born in Woburn, Middlesex County, Massachusetts.  Lydia was the daughter of Samuel PIERCE and Lydia BACON.

1748 - William DAVIS born.  William was the son of John DAVIS and Bethia ROGERS.

1765 - Content POTTER born.  Content was the daughter of George POTTER and Content MAXSON.

1791 - James Moore McPHEETERS married Elizabeth COALTER.  James was the son of William McPHEETERS and Rachel MOORE.

1815 - Michael GROENENDYKE born in Dearborn County, Indiana.  Michael was the son of James GROENENDYKE and Johanna ANTONIDES.

1816 - William Haines DEACON born in Burlington County, New Jersey.  William was the son of Joseph DEACON and Beulah HAINES.

1823 - Samuel BURDICK married Polly M. BEAL in Norwich, New York.  Samuel was the son of Hazard BURDICK and Esther SHIRLEY.

1827 - Joseph WHITE died in Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania. Joseph was the son of John WHITE and Rebecca HAINES.

1839 - Jesse H. HODGKINS married Mary Ann MILLER in Brown County, Ohio. Jesse was the son of James HODGKINS and Hannah ALFORD.

1844 - Lois A. FAULKNER born.  Lois was the daughter of Solomon FAULKNER and Ruth BEALS.

1851 - Aaron LEWIS married Mathilda REED.  Aaron was the son of Nathaniel LEWIS and Nancy Ann SNIDER.

1865 - Catherine B. SHERRICK married Eli L. OVERS in Medina County, Ohio.  Catherine was the daughter of David SHERRICK and Susan JACOBS.

1876 - Hubbard BOYER born in Indiana.  Hubbard was the son of Christopher C. BOYER and Amanda F. ________.

1881 - Miles CHIVLARE died in Newburgh, Warrick County, Indiana.  Miles was Corinne's 3x-great grandfather.

1884 - Carrie SWAFFORD born in Richmond, Missouri.  Carrie was the daughter of John Marshall SWAFFORD and Mary Elizabeth LEE.

1890 - Chesley Franklin LeMASTER born in Madison Township, Jay County, Indiana.  Chesley was the son of Luman Cooper LeMASTERS and Barbara Isabel WEHRLY.

1895 - Margaret R. KING died in Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana.  Margaret was the daughter of Eli KING and Laura Belle BLACK.

1897 - Lester Dalton BOYER born.  Lester was the son of Carlos J. BOYER and Cordie Bell WHITE.

1905 - Victoria CHIVLARE born.  Victoria was the daughter of Isaac C. CHIVLARE and Viola FOLLOWAY.

1905 - Claude Leslie MAXON married Margaret L. LEONHART in New Martinsville, Wetzel County, West Virginia.  Claude was the son John Winfield MAXON and Pleasant Jane BAREMORE.

1905 - Robert Eugene KING born.  Robert was the son of James Alfred KING and Rosie M. DILL.

1913 - James A. SLOAN died in Rayville, Missouri.  James was the son of Henderson SLOAN and Rebecca A. SWAFFORD.

1953 - Samuel H. IVEY died in Poplar Bluff, Butler County, Missouri.  Samuel was the son of George Washington IVEY and Rebecca HARROLD.  Samuel was Eileen's great-grandfather.

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