Tuesday, June 19, 2012

On This Day : June 19

1614 - Ulrich SCHÜRCH born in Switzerland. Ulrich was the son of Casper SCHÜRCH and Margaret TRÜSSEL.  Ulrich was my 9x-great grandfather.

1689 - Thomas BROUGHTON died.  Thomas was my 11x-great grandfather.

1697 - Mary BROUGHTON born.  Mary was the daughter of John BROUGHTON and Hannah BASCOM.

1756 - Judith MAXSON born.  Judith was the daughter of Samuel MAXSON and Ruth ROGERS.

1780 - Sarah SHIRK married Adam FRANTZ.  Sarah was the daughter of Ulrich SCHERCH and Anna SWARR.

1786 - Samuel STANLEY died in Guilford County, North Carolina.  Samuel was the son of Strangeman STANLEY and Jemima MILLS.

1804 - Sarah CHEW married David REES.  Sarah was the daughter of Major James CHEW and Mary CALDWELL.

1817 - Eliza Ann H. DEACON died in Burlington County, New Jersey.  Eliza Ann was the daughter of Joseph DEACON and Beulah HAINES.

1821 - Edward FINEL died in East Poultney, Rutland County, Vermont.  Edward was the son of Edward FINEL and Sarah GREEN.  Edward was my 5x-great grandfather.

1824 - Anne Marie Louise KAHRE married Johann Heinrich Wilhelm OTTERBUSCH.  Anne was the daughter of Heinrich Hermann KAHRE and Anna Marie Elisabeth KAHRE.

1856 - Abraham Leander SHERRICK born in Mifflin Township, Ashland County, Ohio.  Abraham was the son of David SHERRICK and Susan JACOBS.

1871 - Margaret HARVEY died in Tennessee.  Margaret was the daughter of Charles CANADAY and Sarah RUSSELL.

1883 - Osker LEE born.  Osker was the son of Robert James LEE and Elizabeth A. CARLISLE.

1971 - Nora May BERGMAN died.  Nora was the daughter of George W. STOLZ and Catherine E. METZNER.

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