Wednesday, June 27, 2012

On This Day : June 27

1757 - Susanna WILLSON born in Great Meadows, Warren County, New Jersey.  Susanna was the daughter of Samuel WILLSON and Deborah WILLETS.

1828 - Mary BEALS born.  Mary was the daughter of Thomas BEALS and Nancy STANLEY.

1831 - Peter Miller YOUNG born.  Peter was the son of Phillip YOUNG and Keziah CURTIS.

1836 - Delila SILLS married Michael KEEN in Miami County, Ohio.  Delila was the daughter of Michael SILLS and Rosanna FETTERS.

1841 - Elizabeth WEHRLY born in Preble County, Ohio.  Elizabeth was the daughter of Johannes WEHRLY and Barbara PETRY.

1852 - Martha Julesa LeMASTERS born in Shelby County, Ohio. Martha was the daughter of Luman Walker LEMASTERS and Nancy YOUNG.

1863 - Joseph CROCKETT died.  Joseph was the son of Alexander CROCKETT and Elizabeth WATKINS.

1867 - David BALES married Nancy Jane DAVIS.  David was the son of Amer Jackson BALES and Harriett HIGGINBOTHAM.

1883 - Edis Playfair CHEW born in Salamonia, Jay County, Indiana.  Edis was the son of Dr. Ezekiel Cooper CHEW and Laura V. SKEGGS.

1890 - Harriett Elizabeth DAVIS born.  Harriett was the daughter of Reuben H. DAVIS and Sarah McCLOY.

1941 - George David Elsworth HALEY died.  George was the son of George Washington HALEY and Mary Jane SHERRICK.

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