Monday, July 23, 2012

On This Day : July 23

1643 - Christena GRUNDBACHER died in Gmunden, Sumiswald, Switzerland. Christena was the daughter of Vinzenz GRABER and Barbara BERGER.

1698 - Michael HIGGINS born.  Michael was the son of Jedediah HIGGINS and Mary NEWBOLD.

1725 - Gabriel WILLSON born.  Gabriel was the son of Samuel WILLSON and Hester OVERTON.

1766 - Barbara ANTONIDES born.  Barbara was the daughter of Vincentius ANTONIDES and Antje BENNUM.

1801 - Peter RINEHART born.  Peter was the son of Peter RINEHART and Margaret MINGA.

1819 - Absalom HAWORTH born in Tennesssee.  Absalom was the son of Nathaniel HAWORTH and Anna OLIPHANT.

1827 - Margaret STOUT born.  Margaret was the daughter of Jesse STOUT and Sarah MORRISON.

1848 - Uriah PENISTEN died in Pike County, Ohio.  Uriah was the son of Isaac PENISTEN and Sarah Elizabeth ________.

1857 - Elizabeth BEALS married Singleton N. JONES.  Elizabeth was the daughter of Nathan C. BEALS and Elizabeth CHEW.

1870 - Margaret RICHARDS born.  Margaret was the daughter of John Thomas RICHARDS and Mary Jane CROCKETT.

1904 - Richard ALDERMAN married Annie BALSER in Madison County, Indiana.  Richard was the son of Newton Jasper ALDERMAN and Rhoda CARTER.

1933 - Sarah Alice JONES died in Ray County, Missouri.  Sarah was the daughter of Samuel Richard SWAFFORD and Susan Isabell McGAUGH.

1969 - Sarah Maude LEASURE died in Paola, Miami County, Kansas.  Sarah was the daughter of Norman Delmar PATTERSON and Alice Elizabeth LAVELY.

1976 - Maud I. BRANCH died in Boonville, Warrick County, Indiana.  Maud was the daughter of Isaac C. CHIVLARE and Florence FOLLOWAY.

1978 - Lola Alice GRAHAM died in Jasper, Tennessee.  Lola was the daughter of William E. SWAFFORD and Mary Lou SHERRILL.

2005 - Sherman Stewart PEFLEY died in Marion, Grant County, Indiana.  Sherman was the son of Albert Duffey PEFLEY and Sarah May PEEPLES.  Sherman was Eileen's grandfather.

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