Sunday, July 29, 2012

On This Day : July 29

1627 - Thomas CLARKE died in Westhorpe, Suffolk, England.  Thomas was the son of John CLARKE and Katherine COOKE.  Thomas was my 10x-great grandfather.

1724 - Jane CHENEY died.  Jane was my 10x-great grandmother.

1720 - Joseph CRANDALL married Elizabeth CHURCH.  Joseph was the son of Samuel CRANDALL and Sarah COLBY.

1768 - Catherine Elizabeth KINT born in Germany.  Catherine was my 5x-great grandmother.

1772 - Thomas PIERSON died in East Caln, Chester County, Pennsylvania.  Thomas was the son of Thomas PIERSON and Susanna ________.  Thomas was my 9x-great grandfather.

1787 - Jesse HUNT born in Guilford County, North Carolina. Jesse was the son of Isaiah HUNT and Elizabeth FLOYD.

1802 - Elizabeth CHEW born in Clinton County, Ohio.  Elizabeth was the daughter of Andrew CHEW and Anna Marie BARTHUS.  Elizabeth was my 5x-great grandmother.

1810 - Josephus GRIMES born.  Josephus was the son of Benjamin GRIMES and Catherine HAYNES.

1820 - Hanna Maria WOOLSTON born.  Hannah was the daughter of Abel B. WOOLSTON and Rachel WOOLSTON.

1822 - Mary HECK married Joseph TAYLOR.  Mary was the daughter of Jacob HECK and Elizabeth ________.

1834 - Nancy Ann LEMASTERS born in Shelby County, Ohio.  Nancy was the daughter of Luman Walker LEMASTERS and Nancy YOUNG.

1847 - Selina HAWORTH married Andrew Jackson BRUNER.  Selina was the daughter of Nathaniel HAWORTH and Anna OLIPHANT.

1871 - Martha Jane SWAFFORD born in Bledsoe County, Tennessee.  Martha was the daughter of Aaron SWAFFORD and Eliza Jane TAYLOR.

1877 - Albert P. COFFELT born in Cole County, Missouri.  Albert was the son of Daniel COFFELT and Rebecca A. SWAFFORD.

1896 - Mabel M. CUNNINGHAM died.  Mabel was the daughter of John William CUNNINGHAM and Leona A. DRAKE.

1920 - Horrace Frederick CHEW died.  Horrace was the son of Ezekiel Cooper CHEW and Minnie I. SAFFORD.

1937 - Andrew Frank HALEY died in Oak Park, Cook County, Illinois.  Andrew was the son of George Washington HALEY and Mary Jane SHERRICK.

1981 - Charles E. WOOD died in Putnam County, Ohio.  Charles was the son of Walter W. WOOD and Ella E. SYFERT.

1986 - Ida May HARRISON died.  Ida was the daughter of Paul TILLEY and Dora Ann CUMMINGS.

2000 - Gilbert D. WILDT died in Evansville, Vanderburgh County, Indiana.  Gilbert was the son of Arthur WILDT and Anna Magdalena DAMM.

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