Wednesday, August 15, 2012

On This Day : August 15

1675 - John POWELL born in Northampton, England.  John was the son of Robert POWELL and Prudence ________.  John was my 8x-great grandfather.

1684 - Francis REYNOLDS born.  Francis was the son of Henry REYNOLDS and Prudence CLAYTON.

1725 - Zebulon MAXSON born.  Zebulon was the son of Joseph MAXSON and Bethiah MAXSON.

1732 - Hannah FESSENDEN born in Cambridge, Middlesex County, Massachusetts.  Hannah was the daughter of William FESSENDEN and Martha BROWN.  Hannah was my 7x-great grandmother.

1744 - Johann Jurgen KAHRE married Catherine Margarethe KAMMEIER.  Johann was Corinne's 8x-great grandfather.

1747 - Daniel GROENENDYKE born in Kingston, Middlesex County, New Jersey.  Daniel was the son of Johannes GROENENDYKE and Sarah Ann LAKE.

1754 - Hannah HAINES died in Burlington County, New Jersey.  Hannah was the daughter of Robert BONNELL and Frances GOODWIN.  Hannah was my 7x-great grandmother.

1760 - Martha DAVIS born in Squam, Monmouth County, New Jersey.  Martha was the daughter of Thomas William DAVIS and Tacy CRANDALL.

1765 - Jemima MILLS married Strangeman STANLEY in Guilford County, North Carolina.  Jemima was the daughter of Hur MILLS and Rachel HARROLD.

1798 - Alexander WRIGHT died in Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland.  Alexander was the son of James WRIGHT and Betty HAMILTON.

1807 - William RAINS born.  William was the son of Anthony RAINS and Nancy GRAHAM.

1829 - Matilda HECK married Martin WINTERS in Bracken County, Kentucky.  Matilda was the daughter of John HECK and Catherine KIMMER.

1830 - Ann ROGERS died.  Ann was the daughter of Thomas HUNT and Ann BEALS.

1831 - John Peter SAUBEL died in York County, Pennsylvania.  John was the son of Leonard SAUBEL.  John was my 5x-great grandfather.

1847 - George Washington CROCKETT married Mary BRAY in Owen County, Indiana.  George was the son of David CROCKETT and Mary Ann NOSLER.

1849 - Melvin SMITH died in South Solon, Madison County, Ohio.  Melvin was the son of Seth SMITH and Nancy CLEMONS.

1853 - Emma P. PIERCE died.  Emma was the daughter of Francis S. PIERCE and Rebecca PAGE.

1857 - Wyatt CUMMINGS married Margaret HENSON in Winston County, Alabama.  Wyatt was the son of Spencer CUMMINGS and Gincy ________.  They were Eileen's great-grandparents.

1857 - David C. DUNAWAY married Margaret Emley PRINCE.  David was the son of Benjamin Evans DUNAWAY and Martha Hogg MIZE.  They were Eileen's 3x-great grandparents.

1867 - Ida Leone HUBER born.  Ida was the daughter of Walter F. HUBER and Emeline YOUNG.

1888 - Galen Glenn METZNER born in Jay County, Indiana.  Galen was the son of Louis Napoleon METZNER and Henrietta WEAVER.

1891 - John William WEHRLY married Esther L. WHITE.  John was the son of William P. WEHRLY and Olive Jane SMITH.

1892 - Eva May CHIVLARE born in Warrick County, Indiana.  Eva was the daughter of Isaac C. CHIVLARE and Florence FOLLOWAY.

1893 - Martha J. YOUNG died.  Martha was the daughter of Adam YOUNG and Sarah CRUM.

1895 - Charles Henry DAVIS born.  Charles was the son of Reuben H. DAVIS and Sarah McCLOY.

1909 - Clayton Langford MAXON born in Greene County, Pennsylvania.  Clayton was the son of Claude Leslie MAXON and Margaret L. LEONHART.

1972 - Jessie Earl KIRK died.  Jessie was the son of William Frank KIRK and Mary A. WRIGHT.

2007 - Albert Hanley PEFLEY died in Plano, Iowa.  Albert was the son of Homer Hanley PEFLEY and Flossie Irene LEWIS.

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