Monday, August 20, 2012

On This Day : August 20

1704 - Ulrich SCHERCH born in Sumiswald, Canton Bern, Switzerland.  Ulrich was the son of Ulrich SCHÜRCH and Barbara GRUNDBACHER.  Ulrich was my 6x-great grandfather.

1767 - Mahlon WILLSON born in Hunterdon County, New Jersey.  Mahlon was the son of Samuel WILLSON and Deborah COLLINS.  Mahlon was my 6x-great grandfather.

1779 - Richard TAYLOR married Sarah Dabney STROTHER in Orange County, Virginia.  Richard was the son of Zachary TAYLOR and Elizabeth LEE.

1789 - Peter FESSENDEN died.  Peter was the son of William FESSENDEN and Martha BROWN.

1826 - Anna Marie Louise KAHRE married Friedrich Wilhelm BOLLING.  Anna was the daughter of Christian Friedrich KAHRE and Anna Marie Catherine BRINKHOFF.

1827 - John SHAW born in Indiana.  John was the son of William SHAW and Mary HECK.

1830 - Isaac S. POE born in Chatham County, North Carolina.  Isaac was the son of John W. POE and Elizabeth RAINS.  Isaac was my 4x-great grandfather.

1859 - Amanda SNYDER died in Madison County, Indiana.  Amanda was the daughter of Elias GROENENDYKE and Nancy JENKINS.

1859 - Elias P. SNYDER born in Madison County, Indiana. Elias was the son of Edwin Clark Anthony SNYDER and Amanda GROENENDYKE.

1869 - Donovan CHEW born in Ohio.  Donovan was the son of Ezekiel Cooper CHEW and Caroline Bishop WOOLSTON.

1874 - John A. LEE born in Rayville, Missouri.  John was the son of Robert E. LEE and Frances A. CROWLEY.

1876 - Catherine E. METZNER married George W. STOLZ in Jay County, Indiana.  Catherine was the daughter of John METZNER and Catherine YOUNG.

1892 - William Clifford LeMASTER married Lella Edith LEWIS in Penn Township, Jay County, Indiana.  William was the son of Luman Walker LeMASTERS and Mary Keziah CHEW.

1897 - Wilber Newman SWAFFORD born in Oklahoma.  Wilber was the son of John Marlin SWAFFORD and Octavia Elmira HAYES.

1898 - Ada Bell SWAFFORD born in Bledsoe County, Tennessee.  Ada was the daughter of Aaron SWAFFORD and Nancy Alice PATTON.

1904 - Leona D. LAMBERTSON born in Hamilton County, Indiana.  Leona was the daughter of Charles Wilson LAMBERTSON and Pearl May BEALS.

1909 - Margaret S. CHEW born in Evanston, Illinois.  Margaret was the daughter of Nathaniel Durbin CHEW and Nettie TRUMBAUER.

1920 - Claud Francis MIGUET died in Hazelton, Buchanan County, Iowa.  Claud was the son of John Peter MIGUET and Frances ________.  Claud was Corinne's 4x-great grandfather.

1934 - George Ewing BRITTON died in Huterdon County, New Jersey.  George was the son of Josiah Cole BRITTON and Elenor Creveling EWING.

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