Friday, August 03, 2012

On This Day : August 3

1694 - John ALLEN born in Ireland.  John was the son of John ALLEN.  John was my 9x-great grandfather.

1730 - William ALLEN born.  William was the son of John ALLEN and Amy COX.

1763 - Moses HURLBUT died in Roxbury, Connecticut.  Moses was the son of Joseph HURLBUT and Mary CASTLE.  Moses was my 7x-great grandfather.

1778 - Rachel SMITH born in Frederick County, Virginia.  Rachel was the daughter of Jacob SMITH and Patience BALLINGER.

1782 - Torey MAXSON married Betsey CHAMPLAIN.  Torey was the son of Torey MAXSON and Martha LANPHERE.

1786 - Frances CHEW married Gabriel SISTARE.  Frances was the daughter of Joseph CHEW and Grace DESHON.

1803 - West HAWORTH born.  West HAWORTH was the son of Absalom HAWORTH and Mary WEST.

1807 - Reuben MILLS died.  Reuben was the son of Thomas MILLS and Elizabeth HARROLD.

1815 - James HODGKINS married Sarah CROSLEY in Clermont County, Ohio.  James was the son of James HODGKINS and Hannah ALFORD.

1820 - Robert WARDLOW died in Brown County, Ohio.  Robert was the son of William WARDLAW and Jane HARPER.  Robert was my 6x-great grandfather.

1821 - Jesse MAXON married Jane NANGLE in Washington County, Pennsylvania.  Jesse was the son of Stephen MAXON and Margaret BRANNON.

1826 - Petrus Theodore RIEBER born.  Petrus was Corinne's 4x-great grandfather.

1886 - Ward W. LAMBERTSON born in Farmersville, Montgomery County, Ohio. Ward was the son of John Vorhees LAMBERTSON and Annie E. OLIVER.

1890 - Rebecca Ann Haines DEACON died in Westhampton Township, Burlington County, New Jersey.  Rebecca was the daughter of Abel B. WOOLSTON and Rachel WOOLSTON.

1909 - Seth W. BEALS died.  Seth was the son of Nathan C. BEALS and Elizabeth CHEW.

1911 - William W. HALEY died in Claridon Township, Marion County, Ohio.  William was the son of George J. HALEY and Rachel H. GARY.

1912 - Jethro Ayres HATCH died in Victoria, Victoria County, Texas.  Jethro was the son of Jethro HATCH and Minerva P. PIERCE.

1928 - Rebecca Ann WHITE died in Warrick County, Indiana.  Rebecca was the daughter of Job MATTHEWS and Christina BOYER.

1945 - Robert O. LEE died in Eden, Utah.  Robert was the son of Benjamin Franklin LEE and Mary Isabella THURMAN.

1960  - Thomas Clinton SWAFFORD died in Bledsoe County, Tennessee.  Thomas was the son of James Aaron SWAFFORD and Nancy Alice SHERRIL.

1970 - Pearl May LAMBERTSON died in Elwood, Madison County, Indiana.  Pearl was the daughter of Nathan Thomas BEALS and Elizabeth Caroline POE.

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