Thursday, August 09, 2012

On This Day : August 9

1730 - Anna Catharina VETTER born in Freinsheim, Palatine.  Anna was the daughter of Johann Michael VETTER and Maria Catharina WEBER.

1780 - Rachel HAWORTH married John HUNT in Guilford County, North Carolina.  Rachel was the daughter of Stephanus HAWORTH and Rachel BEESON.

1797 - Content POTTER born.  Content was the daughter of George POTTER and Mary STILLMAN.

1811 - Jacob CARSON married Alsa Abigail JACKSON.  Jacob was the son of John CARSON and Abigail SUMNER.

1820 - Lucinda NAUSLER born in Tennessee.  Lucinda was the daughter of Bostin NOSLER and Sarah KIRK.

1838 - Aletta ANTONIDES died.  Aletta was the daughter of Vincentius ANTONIDES and Antje BENNUM.

1871 - Elva DAVIS born in Miletus, West Virginia.  Elva was the daughter of Stillman Coon DAVIS and Keziah DAVIS.

1881 - Catherine MILLER died in Preble County, Ohio.  Catherine was the daughter of George PETRY and Maria Catharina KALTREIDER.

1886 - Charles Russell SWOFFORD born in Ray County, Missouri.  Charles was the son of James Calvin SWAFFORD and Louisa Catherine LEE.

1893 - Israel LEE died in Pikeville, Tennessee.  Israel was the son of William M. LEE and Elizabeth BROWN.

1908 - Eliza Jane SWAFFORD married Waymon HENRY.  Eliza was the daughter of George W. SWAFFORD and Elizabeth HAMILTON.

1911 - Portman SWAFFORD died in McMinn County, Tennessee.  Portman was the son of Abraham SWAFFORD and Jane HOWARD.

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