Sunday, September 30, 2012

On This Day : September 30

1672 - Benjamin JANES born.  Benjamin was the son of William JANES and Hannah BASCOM.

1683 - William CLARKE died.  William was the son of Joseph CLARKE and Margaret TURNER.

1684 - John CLARK died.  John was my 9x-great grandfather.

1697 - Tabitha PIERCE died.  Tabitha was the daughter of Samuel PIERCE and Lydia BACON.

1710 - Joseph BROWN married Margaret SINKLER.  Joseph was the son of William BROWN and Dorothy ________.

1722 - Ann BUDD died.  Ann was my 8x-great grandmother.

1733 - Larkin CHEW married Mary BEVERLY in Spotsylvania County, Virginia.  Larkin was the son of Larkin CHEW and Hannah ROY.

1736 - Nathan MAXSON born in Westerly, Rhode Island.  Nathan was the son of Joseph MAXSON and Bethia MAXSON.

1747 - Johann Michael FETTER married Maria Catharina SCHMIED in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania.  Johann was the son of Johann Michael VETTER and Maria Catharina WEBER.  Johann was Eileen's 6x-great grandfather.

1781 - Stephen C. DAVIS born in Salem, Harrison County, Virginia.  Stephen was the son of Nathan DAVIS and Ann GIFFORD.

1802 - William BEALS married Rachel JOHNSON in Guilford County, North Carolina.  William was the son of John BEALS and Margaret Esther HUNT.

1809 - Jane MAXSON born in Green Brier Run, Virginia.  Jane was the daughter of Zebulon MAXSON and Mary DAVIS.

1823 - John B. McCOOL married Patsy SCALES.  John was the son of Benjamin McCOOL and ________.

1835 - Martha GROENENDYKE born. Martha was the daughter of Abraham GROENENDYKE and Margaret PETTY.

1835 - Royal Storrs PIERCE married Juliet MORTON.  Royal was the son of Gordon PIERCE and Thirsa SMALLEY.

1840 - Levi WARDLAW married Alba HALL in Highland County, Ohio.  Levi was the son of Samuel WARDLAW and Elizabeth NESBIT.

1844 - Elnathan MAXSON died in Scott, New York.  Elnathan was the son of Torey MAXSON and Martha LANPHERE.

1850 - Cornelius SUTTON died in West Union, Doddridge County, Virginia.  Cornelius was the son of Amos SUTTON and Jane CLAWSON.  Cornelius was my 5x-great grandfather.

1853 - Anna Maria Illsben Katherina KAHRE married Friedrich Wilhelm WIETHOP in Darmstadt, Vanderburgh County, Indiana.  Anna was the daughter of Heinrich Wilhelm KAHRE and Marie Caroline Wilhelmina KORFF.

1856 - Sarah A. MAXON born in Fayette County, Pennsylvania.  Sarah was the son of Melford Joseph MAXON and Mary E. LANCASTER.

1863 - Johann Jacob DEUTSCH died in Evansville, Vanderburgh County, Indiana.  Johann was Corinne's 4x-great grandfather.

1871 - Ernest B. DAVIS born.  Ernest was the son of Cornelius S. DAVIS and Elizabeth Johnson SUTTON.

1876 - Lurena M. YOUNG born.  Lurena was the daughter of Chauncey YOUNG and Ellen HUSS.

1877 - Julia Louisa MacKID died in Goderich, Huron County, Ontario.  Julia was the daughter of George BROWN and Isabelle NEALE.

1888 - Luther Wesley LEE married Basthal D. GANT in Richmond, Missouri.  Luther was the son of Burrell Russell LEE and Elizabeth W. NAIL.

1894 - Leotes KING died.  Leotes was the son of James Alfred KING and Ella Mae LOWERY.

1896 - Alice Elizabeth SWAFFORD born in Ray County, Missouri.  Alice was the daughter of James Calvin SWAFFORD and Louisa Catherine LEE.

1906 - Ord Wehrly LeMASTER born in Salamonia, Jay County, Indiana.  Ord was the son of Luman Cooper LeMASTERS and Barbara Isabel WEHRLY.  Ord was my grandfather.

1908 - Earnestine METZNER born in Jay County, Indiana.  Earnestine was the daughter of Irvin G. METZNER and Julia STONE.

1914 - David SHERRICK died in Ashland, Ashland County, Ohio.  David was the son of David SHERRICK and Eve ________.  David was my 3x-great grandfather.

1967 - Hannah NIXON died in Whittier, Los Angeles County, California.  Hannah was the daughter of Franklin MILLHOUS and Almira Park BURDG.

1981 - Eldon Richard LEWIS died in Huntington, Huntington County, Indiana.  Eldon was the son of Lawrence Solomon LEWIS and Ruth Alice SILLS.

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