Saturday, September 08, 2012

On This Day : September 8

1647 - John BACON born in Bridgewater, Plymouth County, Massachusetts.  John was the son of Daniel BACON and Mary READE.

1671 - Moses HUTCHINSON born in Northampton, Hampshire County, Massachusetts.  Moses was the son of Ralph HUTCHINSON and Alice ________.

1709 - William CLARKE married Joan BLIVEN in Westerly, Rhode Island.  William was the son of Joseph CLARKE and Bethiah HUBBARD.

1763 - Ruth MILLS born.  Ruth was the daughter of Henry MILLS and Hannah THORNBURG.

1787 - Zebulon MAXSON died in Shrewsbury, Monmouth County, New Jersey.  Zebulon was the son of Joseph MAXSON and Bethia MAXSON.

1798 - Hannah HAWORTH born.  Hannah was the daughter of Absalom HAWORTH and Mary WEST.

1800 - Elizabeth OLIPHANT married Gravenor MARSH.  Elizabeth was the daughter of John OLIPHANT and Hannah AMOS.

1811 - Anna Marie Elisabeth KAHRE born in Kummerdingsen, Westphalia.  Anna was the daughter of Johann Friedrich KAHRE and Anna Marie Wilhelmine KIRSCHOFF.

1824 - Martha J. YOUNG born.  Martha was the daughter of Adam YOUNG and Sarah CRUM.

1845 - Sarah MAXSON married Andrew MARSHALL in Cass County, Michigan.  Sarah was the daughter of Ephraim MAXSON and Mary SMITH.

1860 - Nancy BALES married Amos MAIN.  Nancy was the daughter of Aaron BALES and Susannah RUSSELL.

1892 - Hester Ann TOLLETT born.  Hester was the daughter of Major C. TOLLETT and Amanda SWAFFORD.

1902 - John Franklin CHIVLARE died.  John was the son of Alpha Revis CHIVLARE and Clara Belle FOLLOWAY.

1906 - Clinton Franklin SWOFFORD married Lucy F. STEVA in Richmond, Missouri.  Clinton was the son of James Calvin SWAFFORD and Louisa Catherine LEE.

1911 - Estella Frances McOWEN born in Putnam County, Ohio.  Estella was the daughter of William Francis McOWEN and Bessie Elizabeth McLANE.

1923 - Hannah Melvina ROSE died in Glendale, Los Angeles County, California.  Hannah was the daughter of Lemuel Daugherty BECKETT and Sarah Springer CHEW.

1950 - Thomas Harmon SWAFFORD died in Liberty, Missouri.  Thomas was the son of John Marshall SWAFFORD and Mary Elizabeth LEE.

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