Tuesday, October 23, 2012

On This Day : October 23

1714 - Thomas CHASE died.  Thomas was the son of Thomas CHASE and Elizabeth PHILBRICK.

1718 - Samuel JEWETT married Ruth HARDY in Bradford, Essex County, Massachusetts.  Samuel was the son of Francis JEWETT and Sarah HARDY.  Ruth was the daughter of Jacob HARDY and Lydia EATON.  They were my 7x-great grandparents.

1724 - Benjamin FESSENDEN born in Cambridge, Middlesex County, Massachusetts.  Benjamin was the son of William FESSENDEN and Martha WYETH.

1775 - Samuel PEFLEY born in Bethel Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.  Samuel was the son of Nicholas PEFLEY and Barbara BARN.

1793 - Abraham GROENENDYKE born.  Abraham was the son of Abraham GROENENDYKE and Hannah COLEMAN.

1806 - Rebecca HIGGINS born in Amwell Township, Hunterdon County, New Jersey.  Rebecca was the daughter of Judiah H. HIGGINS and Rachel McPHERSON.

1806 - Olive SUMNER married Abijah COFFIN.  Olive was the daughter of Bowater SUMNER and Rebeckah BURRAS.

1807 - Henry MAXSON married Elizabeth GALOW in Marietta, Ohio.  Henry was the son of John MAXSON and Sarah BURDICK.

1820 - Elizabeth HEATON married James RECORD.  Elizabeth was the daughter of Thomas HEATON and Susan TAYLOR.

1844 - Daniel D. FISHER married Mary A. MARSHALL.  Daniel was the son of George FISHER and Hannah WRIGHT.

1870 - Margaret RICHARDS died.  Margaret was the daughter of John Thomas RICHARDS and Mary Jane CROCKETT.

1889 - Enoch GROENENDYKE died in Jasper County, Indiana.  Enoch was the son of Nicholas GROENENDYKE and Lydia ________.

1948 - Mary Leonard MORGAN died.  Mary was the daughter of Jesse Leonard CHEW and Susanna Tatem WOOD.

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