Saturday, October 06, 2012

On This Day : October 6

1639 - Peter SCHÜRCH born.  Peter was the son of Ulrich SCHÜRCH and Barbara KUPFERSCHMID.  Peter was my 8x-great grandfather.

1689 - Mary BUTTON born.  Mary was the daughter of Peter BUTTON and Sarah CRANDALL.

1753 - Sarah MILLS married William HUNT in Orange County, North Carolina.  Sarah was the daughter of John MILLS and Sarah BEALS.

1797 - William PUTNAM born.  William was the son of Henry PUTNAM and Elizabeth KENDRICK.

1789 - Joel HUNT born in Guilford County, North Carolina.  Joel was the son of Isaiah HUNT and Elizabeth FLOYD.

1791 - John HIGGINS born in Flemington, Hunterdon County, New Jersey.  John was the son of Judiah H. HIGGINS and Mary HILL.

1805 - Joshua BOND married Ruth COFFIN.  Joshua was the daughter of Edward BOND and Elizabeth Ann MILLS.

1808 - S. Austin PIERCE born.  Austin was the son of Samuel PIERCE and Persis BARROWS.

1827 - John GRAHAM died in Tennessee.  John was the son of Richard GRAHAM and Asenath ________.

1836 - Catherine WEHRLY married John B. BUCHER.  Catherine was the daughter of Johannes WEHRLY and Barbara PETRY.

1836 - Sutton MAXSON married Vienna SUTTON.  Sutton was the son of Jesse MAXSON and Sarah SUTTON.

1851 - Mary EASTLACK died.  Mary was the daughter of Jesse CHEW and Mary RICHARDS.

1860 - Margaret L. KING born in Madison County, Indiana.  Margaret was the daughter of George Washington KING and Elizabeth HOWARD.

1862 - Francis W. POE died in Morgan County, Indiana.  Francis was the son of Isaac S. POE and Hannah MILLS.

1865 - Doris Elisabeth SCHUTTE married John M. DOELITSCH in Vanderburgh County, Indiana.  Doris was Corinne's 4x-great grandmother.

1867 - James J. HEATON married Sarah A. MERIDETH in Schuyler County, Missouri.  James was the son of James R. HEATON and Elizabeth JACOBS.

1868 - Annie Evalista BURCHFIEL born in Dandridge, Jefferson County, Tennessee.  Annie was the daughter of Joseph Rmenia BURCHFIEL and Louisa LEE.

1869 - Mary Elizabeth BIRDWELL born in Pine Hill, Rusk County, Texas.  Mary was the daughter of William Ezekiel BIRDWELL and Dora Alice FLANAGAN.

1877 - Elias P. SNYDER married Nancy E. BELL in Delaware County, Indiana.  Elias was the son of Edwin Clark Anthony SNYDER and Amanda GROENENDYKE.

1880 - Peter Miller YOUNG married Annie E. CUMMINS.  Peter was the son of Phillip YOUNG and Keziah CURTIS.

1906 - Francis C. BOYER born.  Francis was the son of Benjamin BOYER and Docia WHITE.

1927 - John Jacob HALEY died in Lima, Allen County, Ohio.  John was the son of George J. HALEY and Rachel H. GARY.

1930 - Betty Jean SWAFFORD died Wichita, Sedgwick County, Kansas.  Betty was the daughter of Landon Marselles SWAFFORD and Goldie Amanda RUSSELL.

1945 - George Thomas WILDT died in Lincoln, Nebraska.  George was the son of Johannes Heinrich WILD and Emilie DEUTSCH.

1964 - Alva A. MAXON died.  Alva was the son of Joseph Lancaster MAXON and Josephine Agnes May GAMBLE.

1977 - Fleta BARTLET died in Mt. Ayre, Iowa.  Fleta was the daughter of James J. SWAFFORD and Elizabeth Ann Gant HANKINS.

1978 - Donald Acree SWAFFORD died in Richmond, Missouri.  Donald was the son of Arthur Clyde SWAFFORD and Katherine ACREE.

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