Monday, November 26, 2012

On This Day : November 26

1656 - Margaret CHENEY born in England.  Margaret was the daughter of Thomas CHENEY and Jane ATKINSON.  Margaret was my 9x-great grandmother.

1767 - Thomas CLARKE died in Rhode Island.  Thomas was the son of Joseph CLARKE and Bethiah HUBBARD.

1782 - Hannah HUNT born in Guilford County, North Carolina.  Hannah was the daughter of Isaiah HUNT and Elizabeth FLOYD.

1796 - William Berry TAYLOR married Susan Harrison GIBSON.  William was the son of Jonathan TAYLOR and Ann BERRY.

1806 - Hannah BEALS married William ELLIS.  Hannah was the daughter of Jacob BEALS and Elizabeth BLACKBURN.

1806 - David MIZE married Hannah PETER in Washington County, Kentucky.  David was the son of Isaac MIZE and Elizabeth ________.  Hannah was the daughter of Samuel PETER and Mary TAYLOR.  They were Eileen's 5x-great grandparents.

1815 - Samuel LEWIS born in Ohio.  Samuel was the son of Nathaniel LEWIS and Nancy Ann SNIDER.

1816 - William CANADAY married Anne HUNT.  William was the son of Charles CANADAY and Abigail FOSTER.

1847 - Mary Polly WOOLMAN died.  Mary was the daughter of James ALDERMAN and Catherine WARNER.

1850 - Coleby CHEW died.  Coleby was the son of Coleby CHEW and Frances LEARNED.

1874 - Hannah Leutitia LEMASTERS born.  Hannah was the daughter of Isaac LEMASTERS and Sarah Ann HESTON.

1874 - Luman Walker WEHRLY born.  Luman was the son of John P. WEHRLY and Catherine E. LEMASTERS.

1884 - Grace G. RANTS born in Jay County, Indiana.  Grace was the daughter of David F. RANTS and Nancy Margaret CUNNINGHAM.

1890 - Elizabeth GILBERT died.  Elizabeth was the daughter of Joseph HEATON and Mary Ann EVANS.

1891 - Lily Schaefer MILLER born in Evansville, Vanderburgh County, Indiana.  Lily was the daughter of Mathias MILLER and Elizabeth SCHAEFFER.

1893 - John William HUNT born.  John was the son of John A. HUNT and Ellanora Jane McLANE.

1964 - Lola May WHISLER died in Hamilton County, Indiana.  Lola was the daughter of Carey W. LAMBERTSON and Clara E. COOK.

1979 - Ernest SWAFFORD died in Dayton, Ohio.  Ernest was the son of George W. SWAFFORD and Elizabeth HAMILTON.

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