Tuesday, November 27, 2012

On This Day : November 27

1750 - James WILLSON born in Great Meadows, Warren County, New Jersey.  James was the son of Samuel WILLSON and Deborah WILLETTS.

1767 - Rebecca McPHEETERS born.  Rebecca was the daughter of William McPHEETERS and Rachel MOORE.

1788 - Lucinda PIERCE married Thomas WELCH.  Lucinda was the daughter of Seth PIERCE and Bethiah FIELD.

1795 - Marcus WELCH born.  Marcus was the son of Thomas WELCH and Lucinda PIERCE.

1818 - Elizabeth WARDLAW born in Brown County, Ohio.  Elizabeth was the daughter of Samuel WARDLAW and Elizabeth NESBIT.

1826 - Alexander Young MAXON born in Fayette County, Pennsylvania.  Alexander was the son of Joel MAXON and Hannah FIELDS.

1833 - Louisa LEE born in Bledsoe County, Tennessee.  Louisa was the daughter of Burrell Russel LEE and Louhaney SWAFFORD.

1837 - Karl Friedrich KAHRE born.  Karl was the son of Heinrich Wilhelm KAHRE and Anna Margareth Ilsbein HENNING.

1842 - Anna Marie Louise KAHRE married Christian Friedrich RITTERMEIER.  Anna was the daughter of Christian Friedrich KAHRE and Anna Marie Catherine BRINKHOFF.

1858 - Henry MIGUET born in Iowa.  Henry was the son of Claud Francis MIGUET and Eliza NETCOTT.  Henry was Corinne's 3x-great grandfather.

1862 - Susanna Jane HALEY married Alfred HALDEMAN in Morrow County, Ohio.   Susanna was the daughter of George J. HALEY and Rachel H. GARY.

1864 - Josiah MILLS died.  Josiah was the son of Henry MILLS and Hannah WOODWARD.

1874 - Royal HADLEY born in Clark Township, Clinton County, Ohio.  Royal was the son of Alfred HADLEY and Keziah K. OVERMAN.

1885 - Ethel Mable BEALS born in Humboldt, Richardson County, Nebraska.  Ethel was the daughter of Nathan Thomas BEALS and Elizabeth Caroline POE.

1888 - Beulah Sarah LeMASTER married Lynn Luman ROCKWELL in Jay County, Indiana.  Beulah was the daughter of Luman Walker LeMASTERS and Mary Keziah CHEW.

1898 - Alice SWAFFORD married Andrew L. HIPP in Bradley County, Tennessee.  Alice was the daughter of Aaron SWAFFORD and Sarah SWAFFORD.

1899 - Lena Leato ORCUTT married Joseph Gilbert PIERPONT in Muncie, Delaware County, Indiana.  Lena was the daughter of James ORCUTT and Samantha E. METZNER.

1911 - Barbara STOCKER died in Evansville, Vanderburgh County, Indiana.  Barbara was the daughter of Peter SCHAEFFER and Marianne GROSSMANN.

1944 - John Spencer CUMMINGS died in St. Louis, Missouri. John was the son of Wyatt CUMMINGS and Margaret HENSON.

1950 - Carlos J. BOYER died in Indiana.  Carlos was the son of Christopher C. BOYER and Nancy Ann McCOOL.

1971 - Sidney Dewitt AILES died in Pemberton, Ohio.  Sidney was the son of John Forsythe AILES and Rebecca Lovina DRUMM.

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