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Marriage License & Return : Clifford W. Lemasters to Lella E. Lewis, 1892

Source: Jay County, Indiana, Original Marriage License, "Clifford W. Lemasters to Lella E. Lewis, 1892"; County Marriage Returns Collection; Jay County Historical, Portland, Indiana.

Marriage License

Jay County, Indiana, SS:

To all who shall see these Presents, Greeting:

Know Ye, That any person empowered by Law to solemnize Marriages, is hereby authorized to join togehter as


Clifford W. Lemasters and Lillie Lella E. Lewis

and for so doing this shall be his sufficient authority.

In Testimony Whereof, J.A. McAdams

Clerk of the Jay Circuit Court, here

unto subscribe my name and affix the seal

of said Court, at Portland, this 19'

day of Aug A.D. 1892

J.A. McAdams, Clerk


THIS CERTIFIES, That I, P. Lemasters

a Minister M.E. Church joined in Marriage as Husband and Wife,

Clifford W. Lemasters and Lella E. Lewis

on the 20th day of August 1892
P. Lemasters

Source : Jay County, Indiana, Original Marriage Return: Clifford W. Lemasters to Lella Lewis, 1892"; County Marriage Returns Collection: Jay County Historical Society, Portland, Indiana.


1. Full Name of GROOM Clifford W. Lemaster
2. Place of Residence Elyria Ohio
3. Age next Birthday 22

4. Color White
5. Occupation Banker
6. Place of Birth Dk Co Ohio
7. Father's Name L.W. Lemaster

8. Mother's Maiden Name Mary K. Chew
9. No. of Groom's Marriages
10. Full Name of Bride Lella E. Lewis

11. Place of Resdince [illegible]
12. Age next Birthday 18
13. Color White
14. Place of Birth Jay Co Ind

15. Father's Name Morgan Lewis
16. Mother's Maiden Name Harriett Hoover
17. No. of Bride's Marriage 1
18. Place of Marriage
19. By P Lemasters

20. Date of Marriage 8-20-92

This record of the marriage of William Clifford LeMaster (1871-1922) and Lella Edith (Lewis) (LeMaster) Willis (1877-1943) was located at the Jay County Historical Society in Portland, Indiana.

This record also reflects the fluctuating surname, as the record adds the final 's' to the LeMaster surname.  In addition, the record shows the reversal of the first name and middle name, suggesting that he was known as "Clifford" more than as "William".

The groom was the cashier at the Elyria Savings Bank in Elyria, Ohio, and had just graduated in January 1892 from Oberlin College in Oberlin, Ohio.

The marriage ceremony was performed by Philip LeMasters (1836-1915), a Methodist minister and the great-uncle of the groom.

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Anonymous said...

This is the marriage license of my great grandparents, my mom's mom's mom. My mom was Gaynor Slinkard Rozier, her mom was Lella LeMaster Slinkard and her mom was Lella Edith Lewis LeMaster. I just read Lella ( my grandmother's) life story and unfortunately her parents ( the 2 people on this marriage certificate) divorced, but both married again. How are you related to these people?
Heidi Rozier