Saturday, December 15, 2012

On This Day : December 15

1696 - Rebecca PRICHARD born in Suffield, Connecticut.  Rebecca was the daughter of William PRICHARD and Rebecca TAYLOR.  Rebecca was my 7x-great grandmother.

1714 - Mary CRANDALL married Thomas BROWNELL.  Mary was the daughter of Samuel CRANDALL and Sarah COLBY.

1728 - Tacy MAXSON born in Westerly, Rhode Island.  Tacy was the daughter of John MAXSON and Hannah MAXSON

1756 - Anna BABCOCK married Samuel RHODES.  Anna was the daughter of James BABCOCK and Content MAXSON.

1765 - Hannah DAVIS married Samuel MAXSON.  Hannah was the daughter of John DAVIS and Bethia ROGERS.

1844 - Octavia PIERCE married Byram H. HARVEY.  Octavia was the daughter of Samuel PIERCE and Persis BARROWS.

1869 - Ella E. LAPHAM born in Franklin Township, Shelby County, Ohio.  Ella was the daughter of Earnest L. LAMPHAM and Sarah J. McVAY.

1879 - Laud Alfred DAVIS born.  Laud was the son of Reuben H. DAVIS and Sarah McCLOY.

1898 - Cyrene COX died in Huntington, Huntington County, Indiana.  Cyrene was the daughter of Joel PHILBRICK and Sally FOX.

1898 - Vernon Dwight HUBER married Gertrude MAURER.  Vernon was the son of Walter F. HUBER and Emeline YOUNG.

1898 - Dorris Lucille HUBER born.  Dorris was the daughter of Vernon Dwight HUBER and Gertrude MAURER.

1899 - Florence CHIVLARE died in Evansville, Vanderburgh County, Indiana.  Florence was the daughter of James FOLLOWAY and Julia WILLIAMS.

1906 - Otis BOYER married Bessie RUSSELL.  Otis was the son of Albert L. BOYER and Sarah M. BENNETT.

1922 - Jacob LEMASTERS died in Ord, Valley County, Nebraska.  Jacob was the son of Luman Walker LEMASTERS and Nancy YOUNG.

1934 - Nealie HAYMES died in Reidland, McCracken County, Kentucky.  Nealie was the daughter of David C. DUNAWAY and Margaret Emley PRINCE.

1963 - Ida Laura SCHOLER died.  Ida was the daughter of William P. WEHRLY and Olive Jane SMITH.

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