Sunday, December 30, 2012

On This Day : December 30

1725 - Samuel JEWETT born in Bradford, Massachusetts.  Samuel was the son of Samuel JEWETT and Ruth HARDY.  Samuel was my 6x-great grandfather.

1730 - Jonathan COLLINS died in Hardwick, Sussex County, New Jersey.  Jonathan was my 8x-great grandfather.

1740 - Charles WRIGHT born in Fife, Scotland.  Charles was the son of Robert WRIGHT and Elizabeth HENDERSON.

1772 - Cyllania WOOLSTON died in Burlington County, New Jersey.  Cyllania was the daughter of John WOOLSTON and Sarah POWELL.  Cyllania was my 7x-great grandmother.

1791 - Robert Beverly CHEW died in Fredericksburg, Virginia.  Robert was the son of Robert CHEW and Mary PERROTT.

1809 - Mary HAWORTH married Thomas DOAN.  Mary was the daughter of Absalom HAWORTH and Mary WEST.

1809 - Lavinia Moore McPHEETERS born.  Lavinia was the daughter of William McPHEETERS and Lavinia MOORE.

1810 - David RINEHART born in Boutetourt County, Virginia.  David was the son of Peter RINEHART and Margaret MINGA.

1825 - Samuel SCHLOTHAUER died.  Samuel was the son of Johann Michael SCHLOTHAUER and Elizabeth PETRY.

1884 - Princess Rosetta BOYER married Marin YOUNGBLOOD.  Princess was the daughter of Isaac B. BOYER and Elizabeth J. CHEVALIER.

1890 - Cora E. GROENENDYKE born.  Cora was the daughter of Thomas GROENENDYKE and Emily SMITH.

1900 - Samuel YOUNG married Lulu VINSON.  Samuel was the son of Leroy YOUNG and Mary Jane KING.

1903 - Ida Laura WEHRLY married Edward SCHOLER.  Ida was the daughter of William P. WEHRLY and Olive Jane SMITH.

1909 - Sarah Alice SWAFFORD married John JONES in Ray County, Missouri.  Sarah was the daughter of Samuel Richard SWAFFORD and Susan Isabell McGAUGH.

1944 - Bertha Ewing BRITTON died in Hunterdon, New Jersey.  Bertha was the daughter of Josiah Cole BRITTON and Elenor Creveling EWING.

1949 - Judy Darlene CUMMINGS died in Poplar Bluff, Butler County, Missouri.  Judy was the daughter of Luther St. Patrick CUMMINGS and Frances Bernice PURDUE.

1961 - Bertha Alberta HERCULES died in Richmond, Wayne County, Indiana.  Bertha was the daughter of Luman Cooper LeMASTERS and Barbara Isabel WEHRLY.

1962 - Cloyd J. PIERCE died.  Cloyd was the son of William Francis PIERCE and Vida MADDOX.

1963 - James Sheman SWAFFORD died in Sedalia, Missouri.  James was the son of Clyde Andrew SWAFFORD and Mary Maxine BENTLY.

1981 - Daniel Wayne LEWIS died in Wabash, Wabash County, Indiana.  Daniel was the son of Lawrence Solomon LEWIS and Ruth Alice SILLS.

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